Bharosa Takes Center Stage: Max Life Insurance Unveils New Brand Campaign Starring Rohit Sharma and Ritika Sajdeh

• Campaign anchored to Company’s overarching “You are the difference” theme
• AI integration to foster enhanced personalization and limitless content creation opportunities
• Media mix encompasses Linear Television (LTV), Connected Television (CTV), and Mobile platforms with vernacular content push in 6 regional languages

New Delhi, September 11, 2023: Max Life Insurance Company Ltd. (“Max Life” / “Company”) has unveiled its latest advertising campaign, starring the dynamic duo – cricket icon and captain of the men’s Indian National Cricket team, Rohit Sharma, along with his spouse and entrepreneur, Ritika Sajdeh. This marks the third captivating ad campaign featuring the power couple, as they immerse the audience in the universe of trust, a cornerstone of life insurance. The Television Commercial (TVC) introduces a tapestry of candid everyday moments that delve into the deep impact of “bharosa” (trust) on one another and the impact we have in the lives of our loved ones.

The TVC narrative unfolds in a succession of heartwarming scenes, where Ritika’s thoughtful swap of Rohit’s sandwich for a salad or their co-parenting practices exemplify more than just their personal dynamics. Throughout the commercial film, Ritika’s reassuring presence and simple solutions evoke a sense of trust and unwavering support. Echoing the campaign’s core, the tagline “Aap hi to ho apno ka sabse bada bharosa, aur aapke bharose ke liye Max Life Insurance” reflects Max Life’s commitment to protecting the lives of their customers.

When it comes to safeguarding its customers’ and their family’s future, Max Life Insurance goes beyond words; it delivers on the promise of ‘bharosa’ through an impressive claims paid ratio. Whether it’s securing their financial stability with guaranteed savings options, ensuring a worry-free retirement with guaranteed lifelong income, or prioritizing their health with wide-ranging coverage and a suite of comprehensive well-being solutions- each of Max Life Insurance’s product embodies the essence of ‘bharosa.’

Commenting on the campaign launch, Rahul Talwar, Chief Marketing Officer, Max Life Insurance said, “Embedded at the heart of this campaign is the unwavering theme of ‘bharosa,’ a value that Max Life personifies. Rohit and Ritika beautifully epitomize the dynamics of trust and partnership. Together, they are an embodiment of our philosophy ‘You are the Difference’ inspiring individuals to protect the well-being and aspirations of their loved ones. Rohit and Ritika’s relatable journey mirrors the journey of countless couples, families, and individuals who find solace in the presence of their loved ones. Through this campaign, our focus is to underscore Max Life’s commitment – to stand by our customers when it matters most.”

Talking about the campaign launch, Rohit Sharma, Captain of the Indian National Men’s Cricket Team and Brand Ambassador, Max Life Insurance said, “This TVC holds immense personal significance for me, as it brings together the essence of ‘bharosa’ and the impactful notion of ‘you are the difference.’ These values resonate deeply with my own principles. As a cricketer, the notion of being there for your team, through thick and thin, reflects the same spirit of trust and reliability. Ritika and I, through our journey, have emphasized the value of trust and the pivotal role each of us plays in our family’s well-being.”

“It’s truly reassuring to witness Max Life valuing the trust placed by customers. Max Life’s comprehensive suite of insurance solutions, financial guidance, and customer-centric approach enable individuals to take charge of their financial security and the well-being of their loved ones. Ensuring the well-being of my loved ones holds unparalleled significance to me, and I would encourage each individual to move towards ensuring a secured future for their families.” added Ritika Sajdeh.

Rohit Ohri, Group Chairman and CEO, FCB Group India said, “Created by FCB Interface, Max Life Insurance’s latest campaign featuring Rohit Sharma and Ritika Sajdeh brings alive the many dimensions of ‘bharosa’ in the lives of modern, progressive couples. Through candid moments and relatable experiences, the campaign beautifully encapsulates these dimensions of ‘bharosa’. Further, this campaign looks to use AI to take personalization and accessibility to newer heights, ensuring that it connects with audiences like never before.”

In addition to the TVC, the campaign is breaking new ground with AI powered advancements. With cutting edge AI integration, the campaign sets its sights on unlocking personalisation and accessibility by enabling opportunities of limitless content creation with Rohit Sharma at the heart of it all. The fusion of Rohit Sharma and AI will enable content development aimed at elevating consumer experience across the board with videos that cater to their specific requirements. The campaign goes live on Linear Television (LTV), Connected Television (CTV), and Mobile platforms. The campaign will also tap regional markets through its vernacular versions- in 6 regional languages- Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi and Gujarati.

TVC Duration: 45 seconds
Creative Agency: FCB Interface
Production House:
Director: Subodh Menon
Link to the TVC:

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