BingX Lists Mux Protocol (MCB) , XVG & MDT trading pairs

Media OutReach – 12 July 2023 – BingX, a cryptocurrency
copy trading platform, is excited to announce the addition of new trading pairs to its platform. Mux Protocol (MCB) will be listed on BingX Spot trading, while XVG USDT and MDT USDT pairs will be listed on BingX Futures trading. These new listings further enhance the range of trading opportunities available to BingX users.

BingX is committed to offering a diverse selection of cryptocurrencies for trading, and each listed project undergoes a thorough evaluation by the BingX research team. Prior to listing, the team conducts in-depth analysis to understand the underlying risks associated with the new coin projects. By establishing strict criteria, BingX ensures that only projects meeting the necessary standards are listed on its spot trading platform.

Once a project is listed on the spot trading platform, BingX closely monitors its stability and performance. This evaluation period allows BingX to reassess the project and make informed decisions about its inclusion on the Futures trading platform. By adopting this approach, BingX aims to minimize risks for traders and provide a secure trading environment.

Mux Protocol (Symbol:
MCB) is now available for trading on BingX Spot, offering users the opportunity to trade this promising cryptocurrency. MCB’s listing is a testament to its strong fundamentals and potential for growth. BingX users can take advantage of the platform’s advanced trading features and tools to engage in MCB trading with confidence.

Furthermore, BingX is pleased to introduce
MDT USDT trading pairs to BingX Futures trading. By expanding the range of futures trading options, BingX offers traders more flexibility to participate in the market and manage their trading strategies effectively.

BingX remains committed to providing a secure and reliable trading environment for its users. By conducting thorough evaluations and offering a diverse range of trading options, BingX aims to meet the evolving needs of its community and ensure a seamless trading experience.

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