BingX Supports $GALA Coin Upgrade on 15th May 2023

Media OutReach – 4 May 2023 – BingX, the cryptocurrency exchange, has announced its support for the upcoming token upgrade and drop by Gala Games. The Gala Games ecosystem will soon release its updated token, GALA(v2), which is expected to improve the security, scalability, and sustainability of their platform.

To prepare for the coin upgrade, BingX will suspend the deposits and withdrawals of GALA on May 15th at 16:00 (UTC+8). Users are advised to ensure that they leave sufficient time for their GALA deposits to be fully processed prior to this time.

During the token upgrade, the trading and existing positions of
GALA USDT will not be affected. After the upgrade, BingX will issue a separate announcement to notify users when deposits and withdrawals of GALA(v2) will be opened.

All Gala coins holders on Ethereum will automatically receive GALA(v2) in the direct 1:1 token drop on May 15th. GALA holders don’t need to take any action unless their GALA is currently used in liquidity pools or
smart contracts. This will not affect BingX users as GALA(v1) tokens will be automatically changed to GALA(v2).

GALA(v2) will have improved burn mechanisms, security enhancements, and future upgradeability. After the token drop, the new contract address for all
$GALA on the Ethereum Network will be 0xd1d2Eb1B1e90B638588728b4130137D262C87cae.

BingX encourages its users to take necessary steps to prepare for the upcoming token upgrade. By supporting the GALA upgrade, BingX continues its commitment to providing the best services and experiences for its users.

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