BingX Supports Layer 2 Tokens Deposits On Linea, zkSync, Arbitrum, Base and Optimism Chain For The Next 100X Coins

Media OutReach – 8 August 2023 – BingX has consistently positioned itself as a pioneer in the cryptocurrency industry, and its latest feature, Multiple Deposit Addresses, solidifies its commitment to staying ahead of the curve. With this upgrade, users on BingX can now generate several deposit addresses within a single network, a development poised to transform the way crypto deposits are managed.

BingX’s new feature offers enhanced privacy and security, allowing users to add up to 100 deposit addresses per supported blockchain to their account. Personalized notes aid in easy tracking, and a user-friendly dropdown menu streamlines the deposit process. The introduction of Multiple Deposit Addresses enhances asset visibility, displaying all blockchain-associated addresses. Users can export an address book for record-keeping. BingX currently supports layer 2 public chains like
zkSync Era(V2), Base,
Arbitrum and
Optimism, with future plans for StarkNet and
LayerZero integration.

Elvisco Carrington, BingX’s Director of PR and Communications, shared his perspective on this groundbreaking update: “This update reflects our dedication to meeting our users’ needs and streamlining their interactions with cryptocurrencies. BingX remains at the forefront of innovation in the cryptocurrency industry, consistently expanding its offerings to provide a seamless and secure trading environment for its global user base. By introducing the Multiple Deposit Addresses and Address Book feature, BingX reaffirms its commitment to empowering users with the tools they need to manage their digital assets effectively.”

The introduction of Multiple Deposit Addresses is not the sole aspect that sets BingX apart. The exchange has established a reputation for its rigorous evaluation process for listed projects. The BingX team, comprising experienced researchers, meticulously assesses the risks associated with new coin projects before granting them a spot on the exchange. This thorough scrutiny ensures that only projects that adhere to the highest standards are showcased on BingX’s prestigious spot trading platform.

In addition to listing tokens, BingX also conducts asset research and analyzes the stability of assets. The latest research includes “Next 100x Meme Tokens in 2023”, providing traders with a reference to save them time in learning and exploring.

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