BingX Taps into WOO Network’s Deep Liquidity for Better Price Execution and Speedier Transactions

Media OutReach – 14 April 2022 – BingX is delighted to announce that it has teamed up with WOO Network, a safe haven network that helps exchanges resolve their liquidity issues by providing deep liquidity.


This partnership with Woo Network enables BingX users to freely access WOO Network’s institutional liquidity solution, Wootrade. Wootrade has a rapidly growing list of assets with a peak daily trading volume of over $600 million.

BingX’s integration of Wootrade’s deep liquidity will allow traders to ‘plug into’ Wootrade’s deep liquidity pools on main pairs, allowing the Wootrade Network to act as a key liquidity support.

WOO Network is excited to explore providing liquidity to BingX, a platform that plays a very innovative role in bringing crypto-asset trading to the global stage. BingX’s focus on compliance and security makes them an ideal partner to develop new markets and bring more volume to our network.” –
Ran Yi, Chief of Ecosystem Development at WOO Network

A key advantage of having deep liquidity on BingX is that it serves as an attraction, bolstering investor’s confidence and improving the overall trading experience of our users. Adequate access to liquidity will lead to an increase in order books for investors as well. This not only improves market transparency, but also gives users better price execution, which greatly reduces the cost of trading. All in all, users can expect lightning speed transactions when completing trades on BingX.

Recently, we’ve been adding several coins on our platform which we are happy to say has led to a spike in our daily average trading volume. That being said, it is critical that liquidity becomes a frontrunner at this juncture. BingX is continuously working to create a trading environment that minimises market volatility as much as possible. By partnering with Woo Network, we are confident that we are better able to achieve this goal.” –
Global Communications Director at BingX, Elvisco Carrington

BingX has already listed well over 300 new spot trading pairs such as
RAD and
STELLAR, with that number expected to grow during this quarter and the next. BingX plans to deepen cooperation with Woo Network, expanding its services to further develop a more satisfying trading haven that yields profitability and offers more value to users.


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