Blooming Ink Art in the City – INK ASIA 2023 Explores the Infinite Possibilities of Ink Art Through a Series of Programmes

Media OutReach – 13 November 2023 – With the generous support of the “Mega Arts and Cultural Events Fund”, INK ASIA 2023 presents a series of events and activities from now until 12 December 2023, aiming to bring a fresh perspective to the city with the possibilities of ink art, foster a dialogue between traditional aesthetics and contemporary interpretations of ink art, and provide a platform for artistic appreciation that inspires mutual enrichment.

INK ASIA joins hands with renowned curators, artists and galleries to present an array of events spanning over months with ink art showcases, outdoor installations, exhibition series, educational activities, etc., providing an extraordinary journey into the realm of ink art. Exhibitions and large-scale installations will take place in public spaces and art venues across the city, including Hysan Place in Causeway Bay, public space of Star Ferry Pier Central, the courtyard and outdoor space of the Asia Society Hong Kong Center, 5/F Pao Galleries of the Hong Kong Arts Centre , and various galleries. Highlighted events from November to December include “Garden Fantasy — Contemporary Landscape Installation”, “Enlargement!”, and “Keep Up the Good Fun”. In addition, there will be guided tours available for visitors to explore and engage with the exhibitions.
INK Art in retrospect Exhibition Series in tribute to New Ink Art Movement I “Garden Fantasy — Contemporary Landscape Installation”
Presented by the curator Leo Wong, the exhibition “Garden Fantasy — Contemporary Landscape Installation” will take place from November 11 – 24, 2023 at the courtyard and outdoor space of the Asia Society Hong Kong Center. The exhibition showcases a fusion of ancient cultural aesthetics and contemporary art in a synchronous manner. It aims to challenge the predetermined notions of a garden concept by injecting contemporary concepts into the traditional idea. The artworks in this exhibition are created using various artistic techniques and media, including light, wood, wool, white iron, stainless steel, and fiberglass. The artists involved in the exhibition utilize modern technology and materials while incorporating elements of traditional Chinese landscape art. The collision of traditional and modern elements in the artworks creates a visually striking effect, challenging the viewers’ perceptions and inviting them to explore new interpretations of the landscape.
Monumental Ink Art Installation II “Enlargement!”
Curated by Zoie Yung, the Monumental Ink Art Installation II “Enlargement!” will showcase a series of artworks by Wai Pongyu, Cai Jian and Li Hanwei, from November 20 – December 10, 2023 at the public space of Star Ferry Pier Central. The exhibition pays tribute to the Hong Kong landscape woven by hills and waters, which has always served as backdrop to the cityscape. Three exhibiting works are selected to respond to three composition methods found in traditional Chinese ink landscape paintings: stacking, proportion, and spatiotemporal collage. Resounding with the Central Pier, the site-specific installations are positioned in the transitional space between borders, widening our imaginations of a harbor passage. Wai Pongyu’s ink work uses convoluted lines to stack and depicts the profoundness of the harbor, as if in the early days of the establishment of the free port when Hong Kong was intricately associated with “natural harbor” in foreign media coverages. Cai Jian’s
HoldHoldHold is a cluster of enlarged artificial climbing rocks that resonate with the original appearance of the Peak while the track exists in a minimalistic form of contour line also resembling the technique of Chinese pointillism in painting rock texture. Li Hanwei’s work transforms big data into a dynamic augmented reality (AR) sculpture. Through the camera lens of the mobile phones, it continuously generates and displays tidal scenes of Victoria Harbour, suggesting the infinite time and space concept implied by both traditional Chinese scroll paintings and the virtual world of AR.
INK Art in retrospect Exhibition Series in tribute to New Ink Art Movement Il “Keep Up the Good Fun”
From November 29 – December 12, 2023, the curator Chai Sai-lok will present the exhibition “Keep Up the Good Fun” at 5/F Pao Galleries of the Hong Kong Arts Centre. In the timeless verses of the ‘Three Character Classic,’ where ancient wisdom resides, echoes the profound truth: ‘Diligence has its reward; play has no advantages.’ In the context of contemporary ink painting, both diligence and playfulness seem to be embraced as virtuous attitudes. Through the repetitive strokes that outline and the vibrant hues that infuse, the practice transcends mere brushwork, refining not only physical prowess but also the spirit. The learning concept of traditional calligraphy and painting, rooted in the practice of character writing, guides the development of a solid foundation in brush and ink.
Meanwhile, the characteristics of the materials, through repeated contemplation and exploration, give rise to a distinctive aesthetic of ink painting. Playfulness, emphasising the joy and fulfilment brought forth by artistic creation, indeed serves as a driving force that propels the practice. On one hand, playfulness can loosen the grip of established artistic concepts with a light-hearted touch. By setting aside conventional practices and freely exploring, highly experimental endeavours can emerge. This exhibition invites a group of emerging young artists from Hong Kong to showcase their unique perspectives on ink art, encompassing various mediums and forms. Amidst their diligent efforts and playful brushwork, they explore the distinctive realm of ink painting shaped by the convergence of local cultures.
INK ASIA 2023 Guided Tours
To further enhance public appreciation of ink art, INK ASIA has arranged guided tours with free admission for the three exhibitions mentioned above. These tours and interactive activities provide the public with an opportunity to explore the concepts, creation process, techniques, and unique perspectives of the artists, enabling them to truly appreciate and marvel at the beauty of ink art. For additional details, please refer to the registration link provided: A+2023
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