Blue Nudge imprints its name in GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ with a massive environmental conservation drive

In a benchmark feat towards addressing issues related to climate change, Blue Planet along with Blue Nudge, one of the leading advocates for environmental conservation, has clinched the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the “Most Paper Collected in 24 Hours”. Blue Planet along with Blue Nudge achieved this milestone by closely collaborating with around 300+ schools, leading aviation company IndiGo, and distinguished public sector units, including the National Security Guard (NSG).

Around 3,25,000+ students in Delhi NCR collaborated to collect paper waste from schools and institutes, and over 3500+ teachers, and 7500+ dedicated Blue Nudge Ambassadors actively participated in the initiative, raising awareness about environmental safety among young minds. The core objective behind the initiative was to safeguard Mother Earth from the clutches of waste.

Special thanks to Mr. Vishal Parmar, Deputy Chief Pilot at IndiGo, Captain Rahul Patil, Chief Pilot at IndiGo, Jagdish Methani, and Rakesh Sharma, GC, National Security Guard (NSG) whose participation was pivotal in achieving this record.

The verification process was meticulously overseen by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS’ esteemed Adjudicator, Rishi Nath, and Surveyor, Ashu Mittal. Their dedication ensured the authenticity and significance of this monumental record. This extraordinary accomplishment was witnessed by a distinguished panel, including Ms. Rupali Kapoor, Mr. Ajay Pal Singh, Mr. Krishna Tiwari, and Mr. Manoj Aggarwal. The extraordinary feat was achieved amongst the presence of Mr. Prashant Singh, Co-Founder & CEO of Blue Planet Environmental Solutions, Mr. Harsh Mehrotra, Co-Founder & CEO of Blue Nudge

“NSG actively partnered with Blue Nudge and Blue Planet for the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS, for which we have historically achieved the title of Most Paper Collected in 24 hrs. Today, we’ve set another remarkable record, emphasizing the importance of such achievements in India’s journey towards environmental consciousness. This endeavor conveys a strong message of beautifying and cleaning our nation and preserving the environment,” mentioned Jagdish Methani, GC, National Security Guard.

While congratulating the Blue Nudge and Blue Planet team on this huge success, Mr. Rishi Nath, Adjudicator at GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS, expressed his profound delight towards the noble cause, stating, “In these challenging times for our planet, such initiatives are indispensable. It fills us with immense pride that India, through the tireless efforts of the Blue Nudge and Blue Planet teams, has achieved the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS for the Most Paper Collected in 24 hours. This moment is truly exceptional and holds great significance for all of us.”

“The entire drive is not just about bagging a reward, but rather to set an example depicting that by collective efforts we can significantly contribute towards protecting our blue planet. This is a much-needed move, especially at the present time when we are witnessing major impacts of climate change globally. Being a part of such an impactful and massive initiative has indeed been an honour for us, and we look forward to more such collaborations,” noted Prashant Singh, Co-Founder & CEO of Blue Planet Environmental Solutions.

“It is indeed a moment of immense pride for us to get our name imprinted in the prestigious GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS. Our broader aim is to inspire people to focus on environmental conservation by contributing even the simplest of what they can. With this, we reaffirm our commitment to keep being fervently dedicated to taking every action to foster sustainable growth,” mentioned Harsh Mehrotra, Co-Founder & CEO of Blue Nudge.

The previous GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title “Most Paper Collected in 24 Hours” was held by Shred-It, iHeartMedia Inc., and San Diego County Credit Union of USA for collecting 407,748.243 kg (898,931 lbs) paper at the SDCCU Super Shred Event in San Diego, California, USA, on 23 June 2017. Creating a new record, Blue Nudge accumulated an impressive 4,37,975 Kg of paper waste within a timeframe of just 24 hours.

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