Bluewater establishes workshop and logistics centre in Dundee, Scotland and creates new sales organisation for UK events, venues and water purifier business

Dundee, April 27, 2022 – Swedish-owned Bluewater, a world leading innovator of water purifiers for homes, hotel and restaurant businesses as well as public dispensing, has opened a UK production workshop and logistics centre in Dundee, Scotland.

The Bluewater business, which was established in 2013 by Swedish environmental entrepreneur Bengt Rittri after he sold his air purification business Blueair to Unilever, has become a major supplier of mass public hydration solutions at major sporting events in the UK, Europe, the USA and south Africa.

Prestigious clients who use Bluewater water stations and unique refillable bottles to remove the need for single-use plastic water bottles include The Open, The AIG Women’s Open and The Senior Open as well as the Cape Town Marathon and other events in Europe and the USA.

The Dundee facility, one of several Bluewater offices at strategic locations around the world, will also serve as the base for Bluewater’s sales and distribution function in the UK

“Bluewater is growing its organisation in the UK with two key water Service Technicians based in Dundee as well as a Sales Executive promoting our water stations to leading events and venues. We have also recruited a Managing Director, Philip Russell, with massive hands-on experience from both the events, venues and sustainability areas,” said David Noble, (Photo above) who is Chief Executive of Bluewater UK Limited as well as the company’s Global Events and Venues Division.

Dave added: “We chose Dundee for many reasons. We love the location and its waterfront proximity, combined with the city’s clear commitment to sustainability and innovation.. In addition, the local Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce at an early stage provided very positive support and information about investing in a community and region clearly poised for growth with a well-trained labour pool.”

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