Boddess Unveils #HeroesOfIndia, A Heartwarming Republic Day Campaign Honoring Healthcare Heroes

~ The campaign is a tribute to the often unacknowledged healthcare warriors and their relentless efforts, providing a glimpse into their challenging everyday lives ~

New Delhi, January 30th, 2024 – Boddess Beauty, India’s leading omnichannel multi-brand has unveiled a heartfelt campaign ‘Heroes of India’ this Republic Day. The campaign celebrates the doctors and their experiences, showcasing the various challenges and victories in both their professional and personal lives.

With the aim to honor these unsung healthcare heroes, whose commitment and service to the nation go unnoticed, Boddess has launched a heartfelt campaign. This initiative not only acknowledges the remarkable efforts of our healthcare heroes but also celebrates their humanity, resilience, and the joy they bring to their profession.

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As a part of the campaign, Boddess has released a video, featuring five female healthcare professionals – Dr. Savita Chaudhary, Paediatrician, and adolescent medicine specialist; Dr. Pushpinder Sarao, Pulmonologist, Chief Medical Officer, and Covid Nodal Officer; Dr. Noopur Jain, MD in Dermatology; Dr. Mili Chakraborty, Medical Practitioner; and Dr. Kanchan Kaur, Specialist Breast Oncosurgeon. The video aims to highlight the uniqueness of these healthcare experts, highlighting their diverse interests beyond the confines of their white coats. The video goes beyond professional inquiries, delving into aspects that allow viewers to gain a deeper understanding and connection with their lives. Notably, the featured female doctors respond to a pivotal question about the challenges they have encountered in their professional journeys. Engaging in a candid discussion with each doctor, the video addresses various challenges. These include a Paediatrician feeling overwhelmed when communicating with teenagers about a range of issues and dealing with non-verbal communication in children. The Dermatologist expresses difficulty in explaining the concept of beauty and beauty standards, emphasizing the importance of a healthy body and mind. Additionally, a Breast Oncosurgeon shares the challenge of conveying the significance of early detection in making breast cancer potentially curable to her patients.

Additionally, in the spirit of fun and engagement, the campaign also includes rapid-fire questions and a playful segment of “Guilty or Not Guilty,” offering viewers a lighthearted glimpse into the personalities of these healthcare heroes.

On the launch of the groundbreaking campaign, Ritika Sharma, the Founder and CEO of Boddess expressed, “We are thrilled to launch a campaign in the honor of our healthcare heroes this Republic Day, which goes beyond the white coats and stethoscopes. We aim to humanize the healthcare profession by sharing the personal stories and experiences of these remarkable individuals. Through this campaign, we hope to inspire a deeper connection between the audience and our healthcare heroes, recognizing not only their professional accomplishments but also their unique personalities and the joy they bring to their work. Hence, this campaign is our tribute to their dedication, resilience, and the personal stories that make them extraordinary individuals.”

Thus, in a world where the focus often remains on the professional aspect of healthcare workers, Boddess Beauty aims to bring forth the human side of these heroes. The campaign will be promoted across various digital platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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