Bombay Shaving Company Announces Exclusive Monthly 18-Hour Flash Sale Infused with the Personal Essence of Shantanu Deshpande

~Innovative Shopping Extravaganza to Feature Exclusive Grooming Products, Tips, and Engaging Content~

New Delhi, 16th January 2024 – Breaking free from the shadows of last year’s ’18-hour workday’ saga involving founder Shantanu Deshpande, Bombay Shaving Company (BSC) is boldly rewriting the narrative with an exhilarating monthly shopping extravaganza. In a strategic content-to-commerce play, BSC is set to launch the 18-hour Flash Sale – a monthly promotion slated for the 18th day of each month. This unique shopping experience will be hosted on a dedicated Founder-led store featuring specially curated grooming products and personalized recommendations from Shantanu himself.

View the teaser of the campaign here:

The debut 18-Hour Flash Sale is set for January 18, 2024, exclusively on

This marketing brilliance comes to life through captivating videos featuring Shantanu, drawing inspiration from his widely popular ’18-hour workday post.’ The campaign ingeniously steers the narrative into a positive direction, mirroring both the brand and founder’s vibrant spirit.

Key Highlights of the 18-Hour Flash Sale include:

Monthly Extravaganza: BSC’s 18-Hour Flash Sale will be a monthly feature dropping on the 18th day of each month, kicking off at 1800hrs for an exhilarating 18-hour duration.
Exclusive Collection: The flash sale unveils an exclusive collection of BSC’s renowned razors, trimmers, and grooming products, coupled with Shantanu’s personalized tips to elevate the shopping experience.
Exciting Merchandise and Content: Beyond products, the sale promises exciting merchandise and engaging content, enhancing the overall shopping experience for consumers.

Gauri Malhotra, Chief Marketing Officer at Bombay Shaving Company, said, “The concept and campaign were internally conceptualized at Bombay Shaving Company, showcasing our team’s versatility and execution capabilities. We aim to deliver fresh and exciting experiences for a new generation of Indian shoppers, known for their experimental and online-first nature.”

The 18-Hour Flash Sale by Bombay Shaving Company goes beyond mere products; it’s a bespoke journey designed just for you. Whether you’re in the market for top-notch razors or seeking expert grooming tips, get ready for a retail adventure that caters to your distinctive taste and grooming requirements.

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