Bosch Global Software Technologies collaborates with Bangalore City Police

Setting up Community Engagement and Training Centre to work hand-in-hand with the community to address shared concerns

„ The hub creates a safe and empowered society by closely involving various social groups and sensitizing the public on relevant topics

„ Offers well-equipped infrastructure for the police force to address any potential challenges arising from outbreaks or any other emergencies

Bangalore, India, July 20, 2023 – Bosch Global Software Technologies (BGSW), formerly known as Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions (RBEI), announces the setting up of the Community Engagement and Training Center at Koramangala Police Station. The project, envisioned as a community hub and designed in the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, will aid the Bangalore City Police through community collaboration and prepare to mitigate future outbreaks and pandemics through a participatory approach.

Located at the Office of Deputy Commissioner of Police, South-East Division in Bangalore, this multifunctional hub is designed to facilitate training programs, meetings, and strategic planning, while fostering an environment for effective community engagement. With a capacity to accommodate up to 100 people, the hub represents a significant step towards enhancing the relationship between law enforcement and the community. This versatile space can serve as a training centre, meeting hall, and war room, enabling the Bangalore City Police and community members to work together seamlessly and effectively. The infrastructure is uniquely constructed using the Brutalist style of Architecture Design. It is eco-friendly, i.e., without any plastering or painting, thereby reducing the carbon footprints of the building. The windows and doors were built using basic aluminum extrusions, thereby avoiding timber use. Apart from being sustainable and eco-friendly, this design is very functional when it comes to thermal effects and acoustic advantages. This kind of construction can be built faster and easy to maintain, compared to ordinary plastered and painted buildings.

RK Shenoy, Senior VP – Mobility Engineering & Member of Executive Leadership Team, at Bosch Global Software Technologies (BGSW) says the project is not limited to the structure but how communities get involved closely and promote a safe empowered society. “The Stakeholder Visioning Exercise helped us ideate on how this Center could be a true potential for the community, wherein the Police Force becomes an agent of goodness and various social groups could come and sensitize the public on many relevant topics of the day. The infrastructure could aid the Police Force to join hands with the community and be prepared to mitigate future outbreaks and beyond pandemics through a participatory approach. This ideation led to the creation of a Community Engagement Centre at Koramangala Police Station,” said RK Shenoy.

Shri. C K Baba, IPS, Deputy Commissioner of Police, (South-East) Bengaluru City, said, “We are thrilled to see the establishment of the Community Engagement and Training Center at Koramangala Police Station. This multifunctional hub represents a significant step towards enhancing the relationship between law enforcement and the community. We applaud BGSW for their commitment to community collaboration and look forward to the positive impact this center will have on our city that aims to bring organisations, law enforcement and citizens closer.”

BGSW proudly handed over the setup to the officials on February 10, 2023 with hopes that it will be utilized to serve the community and the people from the neighbourhoods. On March 8, on occasion of International Women’s Day, the community hub hosted a session for Women in the Police Force, recognizing the work of the Rani Chennamma Pade who have been focussing on awareness campaigns for the safety of women citizens across the city.

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