BotHard’s identity remains a mystery! Netizens predict him to be Emiway Bantai!

MTV Hustle 2.0’s Squad Bosses EPR, Dino James, King and Dee MC woke up to a rude shake-up by an aspiring rapper – BotHard –! The Instagram pages of the squad bosses, who have been handpicking the talent from India’s nooks and corners to find the next big rap sensation, are proof of some major war of words! Challenges by what seems to be an AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered virtual rap contestant and equally spitfire raps by the Squad Bosses and ex-Hustle contestants, has taken the internet by storm!

As speculations and gossips roll on social media, people are predicting if it is Emiway Bantai behind the Bot. Have you had a look yet and figured who is it?

The question is, “Is BotHard really going to be able to match up to the human intelligence, cut-throat competition and fierceness that the stage demands?” Ex-contestants Firaag, MC Heam, Raeza and Shloka, and this season’s Squad Bosses, have hit back because it’s obvious that rap is not a cakewalk. With their hard-hitting verses to unrivalled original flow, does BotHard – who claims to rap on any word thrown at him in minutes – stands a chance? What remains to be seen is how the internet, viewers and music lovers react to this amateur self-proclaimed “World’s Best Rapper” who has dared to contest the OG Hustlers!

Check out BotHard on Instagram – and WhatsApp –, DM ‘Hey Bot’ to get him started and judge whether he truly deserves to be on Realme MTV Hustle 2.0, India’s biggest rap battleground!

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