Break the trend’ this Diwali with ShareChat

ShareChat ignites the festival of lights with a campaign film to ‘Break the Trend’ and share personalized Diwali wishes

India, 10th November 2023. In a world saturated with mundane Diwali wishes, ShareChat is gearing up to redefine the way we celebrate the festival of lights through its ‘Break the Trend’ Diwali campaign. This initiative aims to revolutionize the customary approach to Diwali, urging people to move beyond the conventional habit of forwarding plain and generic wishes.

The ubiquitous Soan Papdi is used as a creative device which symbolizes impersonal forwarding. ShareChat urges users to skip the Soan Papdi and share messages that resonate with the unique bonds they share with their loved ones. Gone are the days of forwarding plain and generic wishes—let’s embrace a new tradition of personalized and heartwarming greetings.

The ‘Break the Trend’ campaign encourages you to go beyond the ordinary and share Diwali wishes that capture the essence of your relationships. As families and friends gather to exchange gifts and convey warm wishes, symbolizing the triumph of light over darkness, ShareChat endeavors to reshape the trend of impersonal Diwali messages prevalent in recent years. The campaign’s mission is to infuse a sense of personalization and heartfelt sentiments back into Diwali greetings, fostering a more meaningful and authentic celebration.

ShareChat and Moj, Head of Consumer Marketing, Mousumi Mishra enthusiastically endorsed the campaign, “Every year, ShareChat becomes the heartbeat of India during Diwali, as millions come together to share joy, love and heartfelt wishes. Last Diwali, 2.3 billion wishes were shared from ShareChat. Through our latest campaign we encourage users to find unique, meaningful and trending wishes to share with their loved ones this festive season – and say bye to impersonal forwards. Here’s to another Diwali of bringing people closer through the spirit of sharing wishes through ShareChat!”

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ShareChat invites you to explore a range of personalized and heartfelt greetings that truly reflect your bond with your loved ones, making this Diwali celebration unique and meaningful.

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