BrewDog Unveils Flavours of India Menu: A Gastronomic Journey Celebrating Indian Cuisine

Unite Your Taste Buds with a Flavorsome Tribute to India’s Culinary Heritage

National, August 2023: BrewDog, a leading name in the brewing industry, is excited to announce the launch of its Flavors of India menu. Experience the best traditional Indian delicacies at all BrewDog outlets throughout August inspired from various regions across India. Chef Roshan has curated and handpicked a few culinary jewels from different regions and weaved them into a wholesome menu. This menu is an amalgamation of the rich food culture of India.

Starting right from the top, Chef brings the curation of dishes from The Himalayan region. Experience Madra and Chilli Coriander Pulao – a delightful combination of chickpeas, yogurt, and gram flour curry, served with chili coriander pulao. Delve into the Kumaoni Meal Platter – featuring Pahadi mutton, khatta meetha aloo, palak ka kapa, ghee-brushed phulka, Kumaoni raita, and hemp seed chutney. Moving towards the North chef has fine-picked the Kokur Lahabdar Kabab Ruwangan – featuring chicken patties spiced with saffron, nigella, and cinnamon, served in a rich tomato sauce. For a vegetarian choice, try the Tschaman Tujji – a Kashmiri-style marinated cottage cheese, served with lotus chips and mint & apple chutney. Gradually sliding from the Ganges heartland, indulge in the finest Mutton Galouti Kebab – meticulously minced grass-fed goat infused with Indian spices served with Sheermal discs and lachcha onion. For vegetarians, we have Mushroom Galouti Kebab – featuring mushroom paté seasoned with Indian spices and saffron and served with Sheermal discs and lachcha onion, and Dahi ke Kebab – a curd and milk solid kebab with a crispy Panko crumb coating, garnished with lachcha onion and mint chutney. Bringing the jewels from the West, savor the delectable Patrani Machchi – a whole pomfret stuffed with coconut, vinegar, and spices, wrapped in banana leaf and steamed to perfection, served with Lagan Nu Achaar. Enjoy the Jardaloo Margi Na Salli Boti – with dried apricot-infused chicken stew in a tangy tomato curry, topped with fried potato matchsticks, and served with brown rice.

Not to forget our very own nature’s bounty – North East, explore the distinctive flavors of the Khasi Chicken & Bamboo Shoot Stew with Steamed Rice and the Naga Pork Belly & Bamboo Shoot Stir Fry. Additionally, try the sumptuous Dhokar Dalna – a triple-cooked lentil cake of split chickpeas, tomato sauce, Gondhoraj lemon, and Kasundi ketchup. Last but not least, the South Coast line offers a delectable spread of Vareka Uperi – a raw banana and black-eyed bean stew served with Malabari Parotha. Delight in the Eral Varuval – freshly caught prawns batter-fried with curry leaf and cracked pepper, served with Onion Pachchadi. Lastly, savor the flavors of the Eraichi Chettinad Pepper Fry – featuring lamb chunks infused with crushed black peppercorn and coconut essence, garnished with curry leaf, and served with Malabari Parotha.

Karan Jain, CEO, of BrewDog India said, “This festival is a heartfelt tribute to our diverse and vibrant culinary heritage. As we celebrate our 77th Independence Day, we are thrilled to take our patrons on a remarkable gastronomic journey, bringing together the best regional delicacies. BrewDog invites all food enthusiasts to enjoy the food festival throughout August.

Venue: Brewdog Bandra/Brewdog Midtown Mumbai/ Gurugram, One Horizon Center/ Brewdog Amritsar, Ranjit Avenue

Dates: Throughout August

Timings: 12 noon – 1:30 am

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