Brillio Pledges to help 1 Million Children globally By 2030

Reached 800+ schools and impacted 1,00,000+ children

The program’s focus is to arm 10 to 16-year-old government school children with the tools to succeed in our digital-first, entrepreneurial and disruptive world 

India, Bangalore – October 20, 2022 – Bringing Smiles, the CSR program of Brillio, a leading global digital consulting and technology services company, today announced that over 1,00,000 children and 800 schools have been reached through a combination of digital learning programs, scholarships, and STEM skills development program initiatives worldwide. Brillio also made a bold commitment to reach 1 Million children through a combination of global initiatives by 2030. In addition to the ongoing initiatives, Brillio also announced its aim to provide scholarships to hundreds of students from higher & secondary Government Schools.

Launched in 2015, Bringing Smiles combines financial resources from Brillio, robust employee engagement programs across Brillio’s 18 offices globally, and partnerships with schools and non-profit organizations to make an impact in the lives of underserved children. The overarching focus of the Bringing Smiles program is to prepare 10 to 16-year-olds to thrive in today’s digital-first, entrepreneurial and disruptive world.

On this occasion, Abhishek Ranjan, Director – Sustainability, Brillio said, “At Brillio, we strongly believe that youth hold the key to unlocking the future of innovation and creative problem-solving. We collaborate with Government schools to ensure that underserved students have access to the same digital tools and cutting-edge technology available to children in private schools. We are keen to continue lighting the way for government school children with science, math and technological skills needed for them to succeed and craft a bright, green future for India in the decades to come.”

On Brillio’s digital literacy initiatives, Mr D R RamamurthyBlock Education OfficerGovernment of Karnataka, said that “Brillio with the support of Department of Education, RMSA / SSA of Karnataka, has been successfully operating its “Digital-based learning program” in government schools in South-4 Bangalore from 2017.”

Brillio provided E-Learning centres, organised Chota (little) scientist and Chota (little) engineer competition, hosted Digital Day in Brillio offices, exposure visit to museums, and planetariums. They also Organised Robotic car race competition under Brillio master maker competition.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Brillio volunteers trained our teachers in digital literacy and helped to conduct online classes and awarded them as digital champion teachers and distributed Edu-Kits, and COVID-19 essential kits.

All these initiatives have helped us to provide quality education to thousands of children in our block.

Summary of student-centric CSR initiatives under Bringing Smiles

Component Impact in figures Details
Brilliant Achievers Scholarship 21 high-achieving students have been awarded the scholarship National scholarships are provided with financial and mentorship support to meritorious students from government schools to pursue coaching for IIT JEE/CET/NEET entrance exams.
National STEM Program & Tablet-based education 13205 students from 345 Schools across 23 states An all-India level STEM competition is conducted by Brillio, and STEM Learning for government school students which involves science and tech model making, DIY sessions and various similar engagement activities.

We also provide tablet-based education to hundreds of high-performing students in the field of STEM.

Bridging Digital Divide

(Digital classrooms in government schools)

27937 students from 104 schools The e-learning centres and digital classrooms are set up within government schools in India. Internet facilities are also established, giving students access to digital content aligned with their school syllabus.

Also include tools for audio-visual learning, which make learning more interactive and engaging.

Science and Math Labs 36444 students from 75 schools The science and math labs are set up to stimulate curiosity and provide opportunities for students to explore complex concepts in simple ways.

Students can develop appropriate hands-on experience in understanding science and math concepts that apply in real-world scenarios.

Education in rural schools of Karnataka




18969 students from 127 schools

To develop foundational literacy & numeracy (FLN) competencies among the students of primary & higher primary schools in the rural area of Karnataka, we provide access to learning material through smartphones (digital medium) and paper-based modules.


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