Bupa Introduces “Cancer Care” To Help Fight The Challenges and Complexities of Cancer

Media OutReach Newswire – 2 July 2024 – Cancer is a complex and multifaceted disease, impacting the lives of thousands of patients and their loved ones. In Hong Kong, approximately 100 new cases of cancer are diagnosed every day[1], while data analysis from Bupa indicates that cancer accounts for 1 in 10 health insurance claims—over 31,000 claimants in total over the past five years, with HK$1.4 billion paid out by Bupa.

Bupa introduces “Cancer Care” to help fight the challenges and complexities of cancer

While some people are more likely than others to receive a cancer diagnosis, cancer can happen to anyone. Behind every piece of data is a real person. A friend. A colleague. A family member. A member of the Hong Kong community. Fighting cancer is critical—but fragmented elements of treatment and an overwhelming amount of information may complicate the treatment journey, making it difficult for patients to get the care they need and creating even more stress for patients and their families.

In an effort to tackle these challenges, reduce patient stress, and deliver a more seamless and supportive care experience to customers, Bupa is introducing an integrated cancer care support system: “Cancer Care”.

“Cancer Care” supports patients who suspect or are given a positive cancer diagnosis to navigate the challenging world of cancer care with more clarity and support. With “Cancer Care”, patients get a streamlined path to diagnosis, treatment and follow-up services, and a consistent source of vital support at every step of their cancer care journey.

Fiona Harris, Managing Director, Bupa in Hong Kong, said, “Patients who receive a positive cancer diagnosis may be uncertain and deeply concerned about their next step. Unfortunately, many patients don’t know where to turn. They don’t have a one-stop source of information and support. Moreover, cancer is a deeply complex disease and often requires a dynamic, ever-evolving, multi-team treatment approach. Each stage may bring new doctors and new information to become acquainted with. ‘Cancer Care’ supports patients at every step in the cancer care journey, to relieve patient anxieties, elucidate information and avoid delays in potentially life-saving treatment.”

Coordinating diverse elements of treatment, the key features of “Cancer Care” include: a dedicated nurse hotline where patients can ask questions and get help arranging the next step in their cancer care journey; tailored treatment plans developed by a professional team of oncologists, specialists and the patient; fast-tracked appointment booking; allied health and post-treatment support; proactive check-ins; and more. Cancer Care is available to all Bupa customers, including individual and corporate group plan members.

“Cancer Care” is made possible through the connected team approach. As a leading integrated healthcare business in Hong Kong, offering both insurance and private healthcare provision, Bupa is uniquely able to bring together disparate elements of the cancer care ecosystem so that patients receive a more coordinated, less fragmented care experience. A team of doctors and nurses is just a phone call away to support patients in their cancer care journey.

Harris added, “Bupa’s purpose is to help people live longer healthier happier lives and make a better world. This purpose can only be achieved by putting customers at the heart of everything we do. ‘Cancer Care’ centralises the patient experience by prioritising support and transparency so that customers can be less overwhelmed when navigating the challenging world of cancer diagnosis and treatments. With ‘Cancer Care’ we are addressing patients’ physical, mental and emotional needs, to support whole-person wellness for our customers.”

“Cancer Care” supports all Bupa members in navigating the challenging world of cancer care with more clarity and support. If any Bupa member suspects they have cancer, receives a diagnosis, or is undergoing treatment, they can call the dedicated hotline at +852 2517 5788 for practical and emotional support.

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