Bybit Pledges Arboreal Support for Sustainability and Gender Equality in India

  • Bybit has pledged to plant and nurture 100,000 fruit trees in India through its partnership with One Tree Planted
  • Bybit recognizes the importance of giving back and responsibility
    towards the future generations in building a sustainable future
  • This initiative supports marginalized communities in India  — providing sustainable livelihoods and
    nutritious food to vulnerable families

OutReach – 14 February 2022 – Bybit, one of the
world’s fastest growing cryptocurrency exchanges, has pledged to plant and
nurture 100,000 fruit trees across Haryana, Uttar
Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Odisha and West Bengal in India,
through its partnership with One Tree Planted.

supporting the “India 2022: Fruit Trees to Fight Hunger” project, which will
run from Feb. 14, 2022 to Nov. 30, 2022, Bybit will be helping smallholder
farmers in marginalized communities, by helping the participating farmers to
create sustainable livelihoods and provide nutritious food for their families
and community. The initiative also manifests long-term goals of  fighting pollution, conserving water and
preventing soil erosion.

Three years after
planting, each fruit tree will help generate an income of $10 per tree per
year. The pledge will see through the plan to establish a steady source of
income to fight hunger, malnutrition and poverty in vulnerable rural
communities. The project will also create job opportunities for local women in
the tree nurseries to alleviate gender inequality in underprivileged groups.

One Tree Planted
will be building a new large-scale tree nursery in Mirzapur this year to reduce
the need for sapling transportation (saving costs and carbon emissions), and
improve the quality of the saplings as they are able to acclimatize to local
conditions. These nurseries will employ a local workforce consisting of widowed
and elderly women, who face many inequalities in already marginalized

Bybit shares One
Tree Planted’s deep-rooted vision for a greener future. In addition to economic
benefits for local communities, the project will pilot a “plastic-free
nursery” program, replacing plastic nursery bags with jute and paddy
stalks to reduce tons of plastic waste. This will commence as a trial on a
small portion of the trees in 2022, and will be rolled out further in future
years. One Tree Planted has supported this project with its local
partner Sustainable Green Initiative since 2017. Together, they have planted
3.5 million fruit trees across India to date. One
Tree Planted has grown over 40 million trees in 43 countries since 2014.

“As Bybit expands
globally, we recognize the importance of giving back to the wider society and
our responsibility to ensure that future generations have the opportunity to
experience a sustainable future. Issues of sustainability and inequality are
close to our hearts, and that is why we are supporting organizations like One
Tree Planted who are building solutions that will benefit millions in the years
to come,” said Igneus Terrenus, Head of Communications at Bybit.

“We appreciate
the support of Bybit, and all the great work we will be able to do as a result
of this partnership. Through the Fruit Trees to Fight Hunger initiative we will
be able to plant more trees to support the people, community, and biodiversity
in India,” said Ashley Lamontagne, Forest Campaign Manager.


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