Canadian wood hosts an insightful webinar for the Industry on Versatile, Sustainable and Legal

India, 08 July 2022: Forestry Innovation Consulting India Pvt Ltd, the crown agency of the provincial Government of British Columbia (B.C.), popularly known as Canadian wood, hosted an insightful webinar “Canadian Wood – Versatile, Sustainable and legal,” that aimed at educating their target audience on Canadian wood species and the various measures that B.C. Canada take to produce certified wood sourced from the sustainably managed forests.

The webinar saw active participation from various industry experts and took insights from the session. They explained why wood is an overall better choice than any other popular building material like concrete or brick. Meanwhile, they also busted many myths surrounding wood, their sourcing and the benefit it provides to the environment while transportation. One of the panelists spoke about how wood can be a better choice for the environment if they are sourced sustainably and cared for to extend their life.

Speaking on the occasion, Pranesh Chhibber, Country Director, FII said, “Canadian wood reaches out to the target audience through a highly accomplished techno-commercial team based out of Mumbai, Delhi NCR and Bangalore. While the products must be transported across the globe because B.C. Canada is distant from India, doing so can be done without having a harmful effect on the environment, which is why we strongly support Sustainable Forest Management. After seeing operations across locations since the early 1990s, Canadian wood today is available with 41 stockists spread across 23 cities. To increase awareness Canadian wood consistently organizes educational seminars, networking events, training workshops, and conduct product trials under “Try Canadian wood” program amongst their target audience.

Sharing insights on wood as a versatile and futuristic material, Dr. Jimmy Thomas, Assistant Director Technical Services, FII said, “It has always been a pleasure to talk about the initiatives I believe in so firmly. Speaking of it, Canadian Wood has played a huge part in recognizing Sustainable Forest Management and versatility of wood by showcasing various applications. Properties that make wood versatile are its stability, durability, good screwing properties and Strength-to weight ratio etc.

Mr. Peter Bradfield, Technical Advisor, FII said, “India has a large need for sustainable wood suppliers since local customers are placing greater demands on businesses to show a commitment to environmental preservation while manufacturing wood products. Thus, using wood as a material is environmental friendly. One must go for Certified wood because of its legality and ensure that the source of lumber is always traceable. Only 10% of the world’s forests are certified and Canada alone has over 40% of the world’s forest certification.”

The Canadian province of British Columbia (B.C.) is regarded as a global pioneer in sustainable forest management, satisfying the demands of the present and next generations in terms of the environment, society, and economics. British Columbia (B.C.) is the largest lumber exporter in the world. Today’s industry’s choices for sustainable materials have altered as a result of growing knowledge of several environmental concerns. Canadian Wood makes an effort to minimise harm to the environment and human health while utilizing less energy, water, and materials in order to attain sustainability.

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