CareerNodes: Look before you leap

Research before you decide on your career actions to improve career outcome

Do you keep getting job offers promising a 30% hike in salary? Have you wondered if taking them up will be beneficial in the long-term?  What career action today will take you closer to your goal ?

Help is at hand. CareerNodes, a self-service platform, helps people predict long-term impact of their career decisions without spending a penny. This platform uses a set of AI algorithms that have been trained on data of millions of career transitions.

CareerNodes is cofounded by Hemang Desai, IIT Bombay & IIM Calcutta alumni alongwith Rajesh Vyas, VJTI, Mumbai & NMIMS alumni.

“Every career decision has a downstream impact. While there always are outliers, the most likely outcomes can be predicted. With CareerNodes, people can make such predictions in any given context.” said Hemang Desai, Co-founder.

Adds Rajesh Vyas, Co-founder, “People use CareerNodes because they want to look before they leap. Hardly anybody retires in the same company they joined anymore. More than making the right moves at the right time it is important to avoid making the wrong moves under erroneous assumptions. It is not uncommon for two people with very similar backgrounds ending up with 5X differences in return on career capital that can be attributed primarily to an ill-informed decision that led to a spiral effect downstream.”

It’s fair to say that CareerTech in India has largely focused on solving problems for the company rather than the professionals perhaps because the former drives monetization. Hence the entire ecosystem’s interests are also aligned more with the provider than the seeker.  This was true twenty years ago and sadly has remained true till today. But since CareerNodes is creating a database of aspirations of its users, the focus is more on how it can help its users achieve their career goals. Also, since CareerNodes has zero cost of service delivery, the usage is free for all users.

The company had done a very low profile product launch.  But the company was overwhelmed with the response it got within just months of launch.  Hemang further commented “We ourselves were pleasantly surprised with the number of users wanting to research before deciding.  The fact that our user numbers keep growing by over 50% every month makes us want to give more to our users. Hence, in addition to our platform helping users to plan their career based on their goals & aspirations, the AI system also helps users to best execute their career decisions”.

In addition to predicting career outcomes, people use CareerNodes to research career paths, discover suggestions for incremental career improvements, explore exit options, make action plans and evaluate what-if scenarios.

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