Carousell Media Group Launches Connect to Provide an Alternative to Walled Gardens

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 17
January 2022 – Carousell
Media Group, the advertising arm of Carousell Group (Carousell,, ChoTot, OneKyat and Ox Street) today launched Connect. Connect is a
first-of-its-kind recommerce programmatic buying platform that deploys
best-in-class DSP ad-technology, and is powered by the buying, selling and
search data signals generated from the Carousell Media Group’s tens of millions
of monthly users across Greater Southeast Asia (Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Hong

The Connect platform will give
advertisers a viable alternative to the closed environments like Google and
Facebook, by providing them with full-funnel marketing
solutions and enabling them to engage with Carousell Media Group’s audiences on
every ad format available across the open internet – video, display, audio and
Connected TV. What really
sets the Connect offering apart is the integration of first-party and
third-party data sets to deliver end-to-end campaigns with actionable and
verifiable results.

have witnessed unprecedented growth in recommerce over the last 12 months,
that’s being propelled by consumer demand for sustainability as well as
e-commerce, and it’s quickly becoming an important component of the
consumer-brand relationship. However, because inspiration, discovery and
purchase can happen anywhere, we launched the Connect platform to allow brands
to reach our buyers and sellers both on and off our marketplaces” said JJ
Eastwood, Managing Director of Carousell Media Group.

platform was initially offered to selected advertisers, with Decathlon being a
prominent one.

partnered with Carousell Media Group for the first time during our 2021 11.11
campaign in Singapore. Using the new advertising offering called Connect, we
targeted active lifestyle shoppers and fitness enthusiasts. Through the platform’s
strong affinity with the young fitness-focused community, we generated a large
number of website traffic which exceeded our initial expectations from the
campaign. Moreover, Connect managed to help us scale this tactical campaign and
reach more users in what was a competitive period.” said Charles Tan, Search
Engine Marketing Lead, Decathlon.

Group platforms get over 150M+ average monthly searches. As part of 2022’s
rollout under Connect, Carousell Media Group will be launching new ad products,
such as Carousell Search Ads which will enable advertisers to fully leverage
real-time keyword searches. Visit Carousell Media Group for more


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