CarzSo to file 100 patents by 2023 

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Gurugram, 11th March, 2022: – India’s first Meta/ Virtual Pre-owned Cars Showroom has recently announced its plan to file 100 patents by 2023, primarily being utility and design patents became the first player in Auto Industry to launch a Virtual showroom and use VR technology in the auto retail space. Their technology team is doing intense research to bring in innovations for revolutionizing the auto industry. Further, considering the continuous innovations around Metaverse technology within the company, has hired ConsOrient, a patent consulting firm for filing 100 patents in invention technology by 2023 and has already started the process of filing patents.

Vaibhav Sharma Founder and CEO of said, “The global VR market in the automotive industry currently accounts for circa $1 billion and is forecasted to grow up to $15 billion by 2027 at a CAGR of 45.1%, and accordingly we will continue to invest to create a better technological experience for users. We are currently improving the Virtual showroom with a specific focus on digitizing the auto retail sector using futuristic technologies like AR/ VR. We have been mentioning that “The Future of auto retail is about how pre-eminently, the Virtual Reality technology can be used for digitization” and hence, we are aggressively working on bringing the “Virtual Reality” technology in the Indian auto industry which could be a game-changer in taking the auto industry online.”

He further added, “We are a customer-centric startup and in a conventional setup, there’s a limit to how far the customer is willing to travel to view, shortlist and buy a used car. Since the use of VR will make it easier for the customer to view more products in the same amount of time, we want to be at the forefront with inventions that would support this move, and filing these patent applications, which would be around futuristic technologies and their use in improving auto retail, will be part of our long-term vision.”



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