CellStrat’s AI-SaaS Platform Now for Indian AI Developers Across Verticals

CellStrat to help Enterprises with POCs as their Value Added Strategy

CellStrat’s developed APIs are on low code-no code Enterprise SaaS model
BENGALURU, India – May 9, 2022
CellStrat, global AI-SaaS platform provider for AI Developers across multiple verticals, recently introduced its low code-no code AI-SaaS platform for Global AI Developers and Enterprises across verticals. CellStrat specializes in developing AI centric low code-no code APIs on the Cloud and is being used by thousands of AI developers worldwide. The idea behind launching CellStrat’s AI platform in India is to help organizations reap the benefits of AI platforms developed and made available on Open-Source. As a value addition and knowledge share practice of CellStrat, POCs on a vertical basis will be developed by CellStrat for its customers in India.

The brains behind this idea are the Singhal brothers, Vivek Singhal and Vishal Singhal, hailing from India. CellStrat currently has its headquarters located in Wilmington, Delaware and the company recently raised angel investment from across the globe and is actively raising more to be able to cover millions of SMBs globally. CellStrat will utilize the raw data from companies to prepare a POC (Proof of Concept). Once the POC reaches a desired minimum level accuracy to the subject, CellStrat will start the billing on SaaS model for the company. The company’s platform facilitates coders to develop machine learning and deep learning models with zero configuration, learn and practice AI development with curated projects, (replace with – and deploy on the cloud too without the need of cloud expertise on the team).

“AI deployment demands a team of subject matter experts on data science and AI to work on and deliver an AI based project. Most companies across the world are still unable to deploy AI, possibly due to lack of strategy, pathways, and sustainability of data required for the effective deployment of the AI technologies. We at CellStrat want to make this process as user-friendly and simple as possible by making it available through Open-Source. The enterprise clients of CellStrat’s AI platform will experience substantial savings in terms of costs, time and manpower by upto 50%.” said Vishal Singhal, Co-Founder at CellStrat.

CellStrat has opened up its existing APIs for developers to use at no cost. Freelance AI developers and enterprises can use these to experience the effectiveness of the low code-no code API’s developed. AI deployment has been a difficult and complicated task for many, CellStrat simplified it with the CellStrat Hub API Platform, a cost effective, simple, highly flexible, and customizable platform for deploying the AI Models. These low code-no code APIs can be called from anywhere, including a web application, server-side application and edge devices in the near future. AI can be put into process when there is data that has to be segregated. Currently CellStrat is domain agnostic with clients in Insuretech, ecommerce, automotive, media etc

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