Center Fresh collaborates with popular band ‘the9teen’ and melodious Vipasha to give a fresh take to the global chartbuster ‘Calm Down’

New Delhi, May 19th, 2023 – Center fresh, the flagship gums and mints brand from Perfetti Van Melle India, had recently partnered with renowned Nigerian singer Rema during his India Tour organized by ILLE. The sponsorship and execution was brought about by Wavemaker India along with conceptualizing the fresh take by regional artists, the partnership aimed at building a captivating Indian fans while reinforcing the brand’s strong connection with freshness.

During Rema’s India Tour, Center Fresh took center stage by creating a fresh take on Rema’s popular song ‘Calm Down’ by Born on Instagram Artists. The brand scouted for popular young talent in the music space and orchestrated a never seen before, musical flashmob to engage the audience at the concert. A beautiful Hindi X Telugu twist was given by the band ‘the9teen’ and a soothing classical melody by singer, Vipasha. 🡪 To watch the same, you can go to the Center fresh_India Instagram handle-

Additionally, an immersive “Center fresh” experience zone was set up at the three-city venue’s entry, offering activities such as face painting and a photo booth which thoroughly engaged the crowd present there.

The concert, held on May 12th, 2023, at NSIC Stadium in New Delhi, demonstrated the brand’s dedication to freshness and supporting new talent. Through music, Center fresh brought its promise of keeping it fresh alive in a truly special way.

“Center fresh has consistently stayed attuned to youth culture and has tried leveraging pop culture references including music and artists to keep the brand relevant and youthful amongst our target audience. Music has always been a popular form of entertainment and the younger audiences are increasingly getting hinged. Our collaboration with Rema for his India tour is an effort to bring a fresh take on global sensation ‘Calm Down’, delivering to the brand promise to always #KeepItFresh.”, stated Mr. Gunjan Khetan, Marketing Director at Perfetti Van Melle India.

To amplify the impact further on the campaign, Center fresh leveraged its social media platforms and creatively integrated various visuals to bring the hashtags #KeepitCalm #KeepitFresh to life through their music.

Center fresh continues to innovate and inspire with its fresh takes on various aspects. The brand looks forward to further engaging its audience with more exciting initiatives in the future.

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