ChainUP launches NFT trading platform solution -MetaBazaar

Media OutReach – 17 February 2022
– Recently, ChainUP, the world’s leading blockchain technology service
provider, launched the NFT trading platform solution -MetaBazaar software
package. The system aims to provide NFT technical infrastructure services for
people who love NFT, build a one-stop NFT (non fungible token) trading
platform, quickly reduce the industry entry threshold and improve the industry
efficiency. MetaBazaar provides transactions of collectibles, artworks,
valuables, assets and securities supported by NFT concept and blockchain

MetaBazaar platform is developed based on alliance chain and public
chain, adopting ERC 721, ERC 1155 and 3rd party smart contract
standards. ERC 721 can track the ownership of assets, ensure the security of
ownership, the convenience of ownership transfer, the immutability and
transparency of ownership history, and promote the tracking, transaction and
management of real assets. Powering the platform with cross-chain compatibility
of ERC-1155 makes its assets are compatible with other ecosystems, able to
operate across multiple contracts, thus improving the performance and
accelerating the transaction speed with lower gas charges. It supports ChainUP
customized wallet systems, Metamask and other 3rd party wallet, among which
ChainUP wallet solutions support nearly 200 main chain currencies, games/tools,
shopping malls/payments, and there are professional acceptors to ensure the
safety of funds and meet international financial standards, so as to realize
safe and reliable transactions.

In terms of
security, MetaBazaar optimizes and develops risk control and security functions
that are more in line with NFT trading platform based on ChainUP risk control
security system, making MetaBazaar system more secure. It provides multi-layer
security, decentralized storage and multi-signature, which can prevent
unauthorized access, malicious acts, fraud and data leakage, and realize the
maximum security of the platform.

In terms of
deployment mode, MetaBazaar is committed to building a complete decentralized
encryption platform and it supports remote deployment to realize, It aims to
become a top-level NFT mall system integrating nft trading by multi-tokens,
liquidity support and other customizations. In the future, ChainUP will also
launch a cloud SaaS NFT trading system, which is more convenient configuration
and lower in operating cost, It will become a top-level trading system
integrating coin-to-coin trading and Leveraged trading. From simple smart
contracts to major decentralized trading platforms, MetaBazaar can provide
one-stop technical support for customers who need NFT solutions in different
industries and scenarios.

ChainUP was
established in 2017, and it has been developed for nearly five years. From
digital currency trading system, wallet system to NFT trading system, ChainUP
relies on the deep professional knowledge of the development team in
blockchain, financial technology, NFT,etc., and the trust and dependence of
global customers on ChainUP technology, and every track chosen by ChainUP can
develop steadily and in the long run.

2021 is a
landmark year for NFT. After a great breakthrough, NFT usage scenarios are
growing. ChainUP also devoted himself to the research and development of NFT
trading system this year. NFT will become mainstream in 2022. ChainUP also
launched the NFT trading system that has been successfully developed in early
2022 to meet the needs of more NFT fans and promote the vigorous development of



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