Chef Eureka Araujo Makes History as India Secures Podium Finish at World Pastry Queen Championship 2023

27th January 2023, India – Renowned Pastry Chef Eureka Araujo who is also the Creative Director at Sivako, Mumbai, has established a new milestone for India as she shared the 3rd position at the World Pastry Queen championship 2023 which was held at the Dolce Arena at the SIGEP WORLD EXPO in Rimini, Italy on 24th and 25th January 2023.

This competition is the biggest global bakery and pastry trade fair in the world and saw participation from competitive countries, including chefs from Japan and Italy. While India made its third appearance at the World Championship this year, Chef Eureka secured the third position, Japan came in 2nd and Italy grabbed the title of World Pastry Queen 2023.

The theme for this year’s competition was the “Genius of Leonardo da Vinci” and contestants were required to prepare various desserts in accordance with the theme. These included a Single-serving dessert in a glass with espresso coffee flavoured gelato, Single-serving warm and cold plated desserts with chocolate and marrons glacés, Small chocolate jewel ring-shaped mini bonbon dessert tray sculptures, Baked cake and many more. Under the mentorship of Chef Mukesh Singh Rawat, Director (Culinary) at Zuci Chocolates, Hyderabad, not only did Chef Eureka secure the 3rd position in the championship but also received the prize for the best dessert in a glass with an espresso coffee flavoured gelato.

This marks India’s first-time finishing third position, at a world competition of this calibre. Chef Eureka said, “The World Pastry Queen championship is huge and the recognition here holds immense value to me and many other pastry chef’s in India. My participation and position at the companionship are thus dedicated to the exceptional culinary talent in India and to the future Pastry Chefs all across the country. I am thrilled that this achievement will further provide a platform for more pastry chefs in the country to compete with some of the best pastry chefs across the world.”

The World Pastry Queen Championship 2023 was a proud moment for India and Chef Eureka and Chef Mukesh, have worked hard to achieve this milestone. Despite the challenges faced in their journey, right from running a new business Sivako, a luxury patisserie brand in Mumbai, to making time for competition trials and practices, and facing visa issues, Chef Eureka and Chef Mukesh accomplished this with utmost determination and passion.

For Chef Eureka and Chef Mukesh, this is just the beginning as they aim to be World Pastry Champions someday. They said, “The final destination is GOLD.”

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