Chinese Culture and Entertainment Group Yuewen Collaborates with the Eiffel Foundation to Boost Global IP Development

Media OutReach Newswire – 24 June 2024 – On the morning of June 21 (local time), the 10th Bonjour Brand Forum commenced at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France. During the forum, Yuewen announced a partnership with the Eiffel Foundation and Bonjour Brand to launch the “Yuewen IP in Paris” initiative.

Yuewen, Chinese Culture and Entertainment Group, mainly develops intellectual property (IP) based on online literature. It has over 200 million monthly active users across all platforms. It has successfully exported online literature IPs like
Joy of Life,
The King’s Avatar, and
Lord of Mysteries, which have been adapted into audiobooks, animations, films, and games. Notable successes include the movies
Hi, Mom (grossing over ¥5.4 billion) and
YOLO (grossing over ¥3.46 billion), as well as the TV series
Joy of Life (the most popular Chinese mainland TV series on Disney+).

Under the “Yuewen IP in Paris” initiative, the renowned French illustrator Antoine Corbineau has been invited to create fresh visuals for characters from Yuewen IPs, integrating them with iconic French landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and the Louvre. Characters such as Fan Xian from
Joy of Life, Ye Xiu from
The King’s Avatar, and Klein Moretti from
Lord of Mysteries will undergo a makeover and be extended into a range of IP derivatives including trading cards. The inaugural collection of these derivatives will be unveiled at the “Bonjour Brand Cooperation Achievements Exhibition” set to take place at the Eiffel Tower on June 24.

Having collaborated with prestigious brands such as Hermès, Apple, and Google, Antoine Corbineau aims to showcase the captivating blend of Eastern and Western cultures through his designs, illuminating the combined cultural legacies of China and France on the global platform.

Yuewen, a globally acclaimed IP platform, has outlined “premiumization and globalization” as its primary focus areas for 2024. Collaborating with partners from the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, India, Japan, and other countries over recent years, Yuewen has established an extensive IP ecosystem. It has spearheaded the development of a comprehensive industry chain, encompassing online literature, physical publishing, audiobooks, animations, films, games, and derivatives. This approach has yielded a continuous stream of popular content, facilitating the entry of its IPs into global markets through various mediums.

The three major IPs featured in the “Yuewen IP in Paris” initiative exemplify Yuewen’s overarching global development strategy. The first season of the
Joy of Life series has been broadcast in 27 countries and regions across five continents. Its second season stands as the most-watched Chinese mainland TV series on Disney+’s streaming platform and is currently being translated into 12 languages to broaden its international reach.
The King’s Avatar novel is accessible in 13 languages, with the English edition amassing over 130 million electronic reads alone. It has further been adapted into audiobooks, comics, and animations tailored for global audiences.
Lord of Mysteries, blending Eastern culture with global elements, emerged as Yuewen’s most widely read Chinese online literature abroad in 2023, earning accolades from global media as “a work embraced by all cultures.”

As Yuewen’s global footprint expands, the impact of its IPs continues to surge. Recently, the Singapore Tourism Board inked a strategic partnership with Yuewen, leveraging Singapore’s role as a regional and global hub. Enlisting local tourism, venue, and service resources, the Tourism Board will present popular Chinese IPs in diverse formats to support Yuewen’s international growth. Last month, the Swiss National Tourism Board unveiled the “The King’s Avatar: 25th Anniversary in Zurich” project in conjunction with Yuewen. This extended cultural tourism marketing campaign spanning a year will spotlight Ye Xiu, the protagonist of
The King’s Avatar, as the “Swiss Tourism Pathfinder” for 2025.

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