CITIC Telecom CPC Continuous DX Innovation to Introduce Intelligence Operation Journey

Media OutReach – 10 March 2023 – CITIC Telecom International CPC Limited (CITIC Telecom CPC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of CITIC Telecom International Holdings Limited (SEHK: 1883), is creating new benchmarks for operational efficiency and cost optimization with its Intelligent Operation Suite. It leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Augmented Reality (AR), Big Data and Blockchain technologies to create an Intelligence Operation Journey for far-sighted companies, offering a strategic competitive advantage for a sustainable and high-quality business development.

(from the right), Mr. Henry Ko, General Manager – Enterprise Sales, CITIC Telecom CPC, Mr. Jacky Zheng, Senior Manager, Greater China, Siemens Digital Industries Software, Mr. Shu Lian, General Manager of Information Development and Management, Buchang Pharmaceuticals, Mr. Taylor Lam, Chief Strategy Officer, CITIC Telecom CPC and Mr. Ivan Lee, Vice President of Information Technology Services & Data Science, CITIC Telecom CPC.

CITIC Telecom CPC’s Intelligence Operation Journey integrates the power of algorithms and a full stack of innovative technologies. It seamlessly connects the technology stack with the company’s intelligent ICT infrastructure for access management, processes optimization, operational efficiency enhancement and compliance management across diverse scenarios. It is based on the extensive experience and capabilities of CITIC Telecom CPC’s professional team, who can customize the unique needs of enterprises.

“CITIC Telecom CPC’s Future-Ready Innovation and Intelligent Operation Suite, designed by seasoned technology and industry sector expertise, provides enterprises with a revolutionary digital transformation journey,” said Mr. Ivan Lee, Vice President of Information Technology Services & Data Science, CITIC Telecom CPC.

“We blended innovation and application capabilities to achieve measurable business outcomes and solve intractable problems for our clients with cross-technology and subject-matter expertise. Our Future-Ready Innovation and Intelligent Operation Suite, designed by seasoned technology and industry sector expertise, provides enterprises with a revolutionary digital transformation journey,” said Mr. Ivan Lee, Vice President of Information Technology Services & Data Science, CITIC Telecom CPC. “With these solutions, customers can immediately experience the improvements in various aspects of their operational journey.”
Future-Ready Innovation and Intelligent Operation Suite
CITIC Telecom CPC has been a technology-driven digitalization enabler for various industries for over two decades. It has successfully designed, integrated, and deployed winning solutions at scale to address enterprise needs. They include:

AI and Computer Vision Capabilities to empower Recognition and Access Management

Vehicle & Visitor Access Management System. It improves access rights management, streamlines office operations, and integrates records for holistic operational insight and decisions. Investigating incidents and analyzing trends can be done quickly. The Access Control Management System is a video/object analytics-based solution that associates vehicle recognition data with those in the database records for granting vehicle and visitor access permission within 3 seconds.

Integrated Intelligence Technologies to enhance Automated Operational Systems

Automated In-line Quality Inspection with AI and Computer Vision. The comprehensive suite of intelligent solutions uses computer vision and image analysis technologies to help frontline workers rapidly and efficiently identify raw materials and defects or deviations from specifications and improves quality control.

Use Case: A globally-renowned steel manufacturer uses AI-based visual inspection, integrated sensors, visual computing, machine learning, and advanced algorithm tools to detect defective steel product quality by analyzing an unstructured image and big data models.

Collaborating with the Service Teams using AI-AR Remote Assistance. The award-winning solution combines data visualization, computer vision techniques, and machine-learning algorithms can create 2D/3D diagrams with instruction guides for field workers. It helps local-global expert teams, such as local frontline engineers, regional field technicians, and system operators, to collaborate with subject matter experts in real-time to resolve together–no matter how far apart they are.

Use case: Using AI-AR Remote Hand, an MNC customer headquarters in Hong Kong provided on-site training to their local workers and real-time guidance to field technicians to repair complex factory machinery in the Caribbean region.

Eliminating Language Barriers and Improving Data Entry Process with AI-OCR Data Capture Solution. The well-trained AI-OCR Solution captures and “reads” document data using Natural Language Processing (NLP), Big Data analytics, machine learning (ML) and advanced CORS technology. It eliminates the need for time-consuming manual data entry by automatically scanning medical records, invoices or designated documents and intuitively performing field mapping on data collection. It integrates approval workflows more efficiently by learning unique languages and specific formats based on different layouts.

Use case: A China-based hospital group used the AI-powered OCR data capture solution to improve patient medical records’ filing and indexing, standardize specific field requirements, increase accuracy rates, and eliminate data entry workflow bottlenecks.
Use case: CITIC Telecom CPC used AI-OCR solutions, which integrate with COR, NLP and Blockchain technologies, to capture Chinese and English invoices for in-house staff expenses and vendors’ billing systems, simplifying and automating the entry system records. The company plans to extend this capability to other languages to fully comprehend the Smart Ledger system.

Innovative AI-enabled Computer Vision Solutions reinvent enterprise business values

Managing Smart Warehouse and Supply Chain in an even more intelligent way. An innovative Machine Learning model using AI, Big Data analytics, and Deep Learning methods to identify, locate and count objects within 95 milliseconds with 99% accuracy. Real-time access to quality data provides better visibility throughout the supply chain process.

Future of Cybersecurity in a Multiverse Era – “AI-Powered Visual Security”

A Game Changer reinvents the “Seeing is Believing” security model, protecting enterprises from sophisticated malware with visible tracing, integrating AI algorithm, a weakly supervised regularization algorithm, visual computing, and a neural network to transform datasets into graphic images and map potential malware, boosts 10x to 100x faster than conventional techniques.

Digital transformation for 2023 and beyond:
As the Global-Local DICT Service Provider, CITIC Telecom CPC’s Intelligent Operation Suite can help businesses improve their operational efficiency and collaborate to achieve digital transformation goals.
Engaging Customers for Transformational Digital Experiences

A Panacea for Digital and Intelligent Upgrades in Pharmaceutical Industry

Buchang Pharmaceuticals is committed to be a leading healthcare provider through continuous scientific innovations, developments and solutions as one of China’s leading pharmaceutical brands, contributing to the lives of the people through innovative healthcare solutions and medicines. Throughout its 20 years of development, Buchang Pharma has established a comprehensive network in China’s large healthcare industry.
“In a post-pandemic world, the business environment of pharmaceutical companies is facing massive changes. There is a higher emphasis on technologies and innovations, continuous medical reforms, and the occurrence of public health emergencies and pandemics. Together, they are reshaping the landscape and driving the digitalization of the industry,” said Mr. Shu Lian, General Manager of Information Development and Management, Buchang Pharmaceuticals. “Digitalization in Pharmaceutical Industry is driven by internal and external forces. Innovative ICT Partners are the accelerator of digital transformation. Hence, collaboration is the key to fostering DX in the Pharmaceutical industry across people, processes, and technology.”
Shu Lian used Buchang Pharmaceuticals’s past experience to create an effective strategy for digital transformation:

Pharmaceutical companies should respond to national policies and ride the wave of digital transformation to advance their informationization. For instance, China’s large healthcare industry with related policies to support and encourage digitalization.

By learning from different industries and companies, pharmaceutical companies can determine the entry point and directions of digital transformation.

It is essential to have management support. Digitalization are long-term projects which cannot be done overnight; therefore, enterprises need to be careful of the cost and invest steadily to empower digitalization.

Buchang Pharmaceuticals shifted its operations and production to the TrueCONNECT™ Hybrid SD-WAN to meet the needs of its DX development. Shu said, “we are not only overcoming the technical challenges of multi-location operation but also believe embracing intelligence in our operation journey is how we should go.”

Siemens Digital Industries Software Reinvents Industry with Digital Transformation

With the advent of digital transformation, Siemens digital industry software is committed to promoting digital enterprise transformation and engineering to meet future needs. It is using its recently-developed Xcelerator product portfolio to accelerate the digital transformation for companies of all sizes, especially in the manufacturing sector, simplify complexity, improve productivity and gain competitive advantage. Mr. Jacky Zheng, Senior Manager of Siemens Digital Industries Software’s Greater China division, said: “We have been using various ICT infrastructure services and intelligent solutions from CITIC Telecom CPC and its subsidiary China Enterprise Communications since 2019. They help us grasp the opportunities of digital development, and realize the new value of products and processes faster.” Mr. Zheng continued: “Our partnership with CITIC Telecom CPC has enabled us to explore the potential of innovative technologies while supporting our corporate sustainable development goals.
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