CM assures commitment of state government in enhancing educational landscape of Sikkim

New Delhi Dec, 28 : Sikkim’s Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang attended the Doctorates Convention at Samman Bhawan, Gangtok today organised by Doctorates Association of Sikkim (DAS) which had the participation of about 300 research scholars from across the State.

Chief Minister in his address stressed on the pivotal role of the research scholars terming them as the powerhouse of Sikkim.

The deliberations were highly productive, favoring the interests of Sikkim, he said where he directed DAS to bring all the suggestions in written for in-depth discussions, focusing on the planning and implementation of the outcomes from today’s meeting.

“We aim to expedite the formulation of a solution promptly, leveraging your valuable knowledge and talents for the betterment of our state”, shared the Chief Minister.

Likewise, he informed the attendees about the construction of Atmanirbhar Research Centre in Gangtok, a valuable resource for research scholars.

Furthermore, he placed the proposal for establishing a dedicated cell within the department specifically for scholars, and introduce a scholarship initiative to support all deserving scholars.

In response to the demands placed by the scholars, the Chief Minister assured them that the Government will promptly look into the concerns raised and work towards resolving them at the earliest.

The Chief Minister also highlighted various educational policies during the session showcasing the commitment of the Government in enhancing the educational landscape of Sikkim.

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