CM salutes efforts in former CM and MP for inclusion of Nepali in 8th Schedule of Indian Constitution

New Delhi, August 21: On the occasion of “BhaasaManyataDiwas”, Chief Minister of Sikkim Prem Singh Tamang recalled & recognized the significant efforts of former Chief Minister Lt. Nar Bahadur Bhandari and former MP DilKumari Bhandari.

“They led the Nepali language recognition movement for years until it was officially acknowledged in 1992.Their unwavering commitment truly defined the struggle for language recognition”, said the Chief Minister while addressing the gathering here at ChintanBhawan today.

Furthermore, he highlighted how the movement, initiated by Anand Singh Thapa in 1956, concluded on August 31, 1992, when the President signed the inclusion of language’s to be listed the Constitution of India.

This achievement was marked by the passage of the recognition in both houses of Parliament in 1992.

Stressing on the significance of this day, Chief Minister said that it serves as a festival to be cherished where our Members of Parliament can address the legislature in Nepali language.

Therefore, people should develop an inherent understanding that this day, as well as others like it, holds great significance to the public, he added.

Chief Minister then highlighted of building a hall at NepaliSahityaParishadBhawan including a Nepali TV channel from Sikkim in strengthening and promoting Nepali language.

It was on August 20th 1992 when the constitution of India gave recognition to the Nepali language in the eighth schedule of the Indian constitution. To honour this and to mark ‘BhaasaManyataDiwas’ the current Government of Sikkim has declared August 20th as gazetted holiday in the state from 2022 onwards. Nepali language is the lingua franca in Sikkim and Darjeeling hill regions.

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