Colourswipes – An Art exhibition will be held from 28th to 31st October in Delhi

Colourswipes – An Art exhibition by a versatile and talented artist, Sharmila Thapar, will be exhibited from 28th to 31st October 2023 at the Visual Arts Gallery, IHC in Delhi

New Delhi: ‘Colourswipes’ by Sharmila Thapar will be on display from the 28th to 31st October 2023 at the prestigious Visual Arts Gallery, IHC in Delhi from 10.30 AM to 7:30 PM .Sharmila’s artworks express various emotions and experiences which she has imbibed over the years while living abroad in different countries. Her artworks often relate to current issues such as global peace, conflict, anxiety, celebration and other such moods. Alternating freely between the tangible and the abstract, Sharmila prefers vividness and vibrancy for projecting her thoughts.

Some of the impressive artworks which will be showcased by Sharmila Thapar at this exhibition are – HARBINGER OF PEACE – A white dove flying over the world, with an olive branch of peace MAJESTIC MUSTANGS – Raw horsepower symbolizing achievement and victory through dynamic effort RHYTHM DIVINE – Music has no borders. It connects souls and many others.

Nature’s wonders and beauty are vividly captured in her other artworks such as ‘Gentle Stones’ handcrafted in Mosaic; ‘Dancing Flowers’ which depicts the benign joy in Nature; and ‘Celebrations’ which shows the people of Lebanon celebrating a wedding.Sharmila believes in celebrating life and Nature’s varied moods and moments through her colourful strokes and multi-media artforms. Besides oil and acrylics, she has also dabbled in other art mediums such as gouache, decoupage, fired clay and paper burn.

Sharmila’s journey from lush landscapes to figurative paintings represents her characteristic creativity and unique style. Her travels and stay in different countries shines powerfully through her creations, which are mostly a fusion of cultures in brilliant hues.

Regarding her forthcoming exhibition, Sharmila says that “Colours, though an inanimate medium, get a voice when put together, in any and every combination. I believe certain mundane aspects of everyday life can be minimized by wearing and using colours in tones that bring out the best in a person, celebrating life, rejoicing in our existence, expressing our emotions and communicating with nature. Each hue carries its own mood, sets its tone and compliments the other shades. Charcoal is earthy, watercolours float gently, acrylics are vibrant and oils provide depth. Each artform has its own language and expressions.

Sharmila did her 1st solo Art Exhibition, in 2017. Subsequently, she has displayed her works at the India Art Festival at the Thyagraj Stadium and ACF Gallery in New Delhi and is also exhibiting online in various international galleries. Now, from 28 -31 Oct 2023, she will have her 2nd solo exhibition at The Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

What: An Art Exhibition: Colourswipes, Art works by Sharmila Thapar
When: 28th October to 31st October 2023
Timing: 10:30 AM to 7:30 PM

Where: Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi
Entry: Free

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