Columbus and the Danish Embassy launch Nordic Innovation Funded Digital Platform for Management of Renewable Energy for BSES Yamuna Power Limited

Mumbai, April 27, 2022: His excellency the Danish ambassador to India, Freddy Svane today launched the “Digital Data Platform pilot for Efficient Management of Renewable Energy”, to be deployed at BSES Yamuna Power Limited (BYPL), a power distribution company in Delhi.

The digital platform is developed by Columbus, a global IT services and consulting company, specializing in digital transformation, in partnership with BYPL. It is funded by Nordic Innovation, an organization floated by Nordic countries to promote innovation-based projects. The platform will facilitate BYPL in the management of distributed energy resources in Delhi. The funding support was channelized through the Danish Embassy with the purpose of optimizing the storage and distribution of alternative energy sources.

Members of BYPL leadership team, Columbus Digital advisory team including its Director, Swamycharan Avunooru, industry leaders including a delegation from DK and India, were present at the launch function held today.

A number of environment conscious countries across the globe have started to move toward renewable energy alternatives. However, a major issue with the alternative energy sources, especially solar power, is the storage and efficient management. As the energy generation is not continuous there is a challenge to store, predict both generation and usage and efficiently manage the distribution. In this context, the just deployed digital data solution will efficiently predict the energy generation and demand and help the utility to plan for storing the excess energy by considering the distribution congestion and commercial aspects.

The digital solution brings together advanced cloud based digital technologies to solve the real problems of the world. It combines:

AI and Data science techniques to predict the energy demand at consumption points like electric vehicle charging stations & energy generation capacity at solar roof tops

Constantly assesses the optimal energy storage requirements

Makes informed decisions on when to discharge and consume energy from the power grid.

All these aspects are integrated among others and real time dashboard and automations are created to efficiently manage and monitor the energy distribution.

The implementation of the digital platform is based on a pilot collaborative project. Its success will show the way for other players in the renewable energy (especially solar) space to embrace it and contribute towards larger good of the world.

The objectives of the pilot project include:

Promoting collaboration among, Columbus, BSES Yamuna Power Limited (BYPL), and The Danish Embassy under the Nordic Innovation project

Bringing digital technology supported by data and AI to promote the path towards sustainable renewable energy

Providing funding assistance from Nordic Innovation

In his comments, his excellency Danish Ambassador to India said, “In 2021, India and Denmark signed a Green Strategic Partnership. Both the countries have ambitious goals within the climate agenda. India is the world’s third largest CO2 emitter and by 2030, the country is expected to have doubled its carbon emissions. Denmark has an ambition to reduce CO2 emissions to 70% by 2030 and aims to undertake international leadership on SDG 7 on affordable and clean energy. Together, India and Denmark will demonstrate to the world that delivering on ambitious climate and sustainable energy goals is possible. Success of the solution and the pilot project means a lot for us. We could simulate the same or similar approach one step at time to reach the goals of Carbon emission reduction. We believe, Columbus with its global presence, commitment to sustainability and excellent digital advisory and implementation skills can be great game changer.”

Speaking about the solution, BSES spokesperson said,

“BSES is gearing up to play a major role in renewable energy space. We are working closely with our strategic partners to set up many more innovative solutions for our consumers. This partnership with Nordic Innovation and Columbus is a testimonial to these efforts. Through this association, we at BYPL aim to reiterate our commitment to energy efficiency and sustainable growth. We plan to install more such solutions in the future.”

In his comments, Swamycharan Avunooru, Columbus Global spokesperson of said,

“We are happy to collaborate with BSES Yamuna Power Limited on the country’s first of its digital solution pilot project to efficiently manage and store the solar energy with the objectives of better customer experience, and reduced congestion. Our partnership has been transformational itself. With this experience and our global presence, we would be taking the learnings and solutions to our partners across the world in creating a better for tomorrow for all of us.”



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