COMO Shambhala Launches Its First App Putting A Suite Of Holistic Wellness Experience In Your Pocket

Media OutReach – 15 December 2022 – COMO Shambhala, the award-winning wellness concept found in 14 COMO Hotels and Resorts properties in nine countries and four continents, is taking its comprehensive suite of experiences online onto your palm through its new app, COMO Shambhala Anywhere.
It comes at a time when caring for mental health and managing stress takes centre stage, especially as more return to the office and may find themselves starved of time to hit the gym, or truly calm their mind for a good night’s rest.
Wellness in the palm of your hand
The app is the digital extension of the brand’s philosophy and users can jump into a digital wellness retreat with videos featuring seasoned practitioners from COMO Shambhala. Many of the instructors have been with the brand for decades, and returning guests who have taken sessions in person can look forward to seeing them virtually and experiencing their guidance on a daily basis from the comforts of home.
“Hotel guests at our property often tell us about their transformational experiences. This app is designed so they can continue to engage with the practitioners and pursue the practices they love even after they return home,” says Alexis Fosler, Chief Operating Officer of COMO Lifestyle. “For those who are new to the unique COMO experience, this app gives you access to our curated suite of wellness services anytime and anywhere in the world,”
Blend your way to better health
The app aligns itself with the six pillars of wellness: rest, recover, perform, connect, digest, and glow. The experience is centred on “blends” — personalised programs comprising a playlist of guided videos customised on individual preference. This is further augmented by sophisticated Artificial Intelligence that learns each user’s choices to refine the overall experience.
The blend named
Endurance for instance, is a workout that includes sets from functional fitness, pilates and yoga that only requires a yoga mat. Choosing a 30-minute duration for the workout will lead to a series of five videos in a playlist starting with a five minute Standing Pilates exercise video and ending with a 10-minute Abdominal Series workout.
Users looking for relaxation can ease into
Restore & Unwind, a yin yoga blend that works to restore both the body and the mind to a balanced state. Open up through the body and deeply engage in a deep stretch workout to help you completely relax. Otherwise, seek refuge in guided meditations with blends like the
Take Five. The five minute mindfulness exercise will provide much needed relief, featuring beautiful landscapes and a calming voiceover guiding users along controlling their breath, and eventually quieting the mind. Those who are sleep deprived can turn to
The Hot Air Balloon Ride — where users are similarly treated to a calming voiceover but this time, one that takes them on a tranquil journey over woodlands and vast deserts.
Brought to you by wellness experts
Launched in Singapore in 1997, COMO Shambhala prides itself on holistic wellness based on more traditional approaches like yoga, Ayurvedic medicine, and Japanese acupuncture. This is on top of massage therapies, naturopathy consultations and even coaching, which guides guests in finding the best versions of themselves.
These retreats are situated in cities like Singapore, London, Bangkok and Perth which offer an urban getaway from the demands of daily life while others like Bhutan, Bali and the Maldives are destinations in their own right.
The COMO Shambhala Anywhere app is free to download on
iOS and
Android, with an active paid subscription of USD$19.99 a month.
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