Consumers skip the waiting lines and buy pre-owned cars on Whatsapp: CARS24

One-third of the total monthly sales registered via chat support channel

India, April 19, 2022: CARS24 India’s leading e-commerce platform for pre-owned vehicles, revealed that it made over one-third of its total monthly sales via chat support channels. Today, conversational commerce integrations have helped the brand deliver digital experiences that understand, connect, and deliver outcomes suitable to pre-owned car buyers. For consumers, these integrations increase value by expanding the number of tasks that can be completed in a conversation.

CARS24 has continually pushed the limits of technology integration in the entire online car buying process to take a giant leap forward toward making the digital experience customised for all customers. At CARS24, the personalised conversational experience is delivered to customers via Whatsapp chat and AI chatbot, currently.

This has helped the brand to clock better sales conversion rate- double the sales conversion than that of call-assisted customers. Interestingly, 20% sales come from customers who were assisted ONLY by chat support & did not require any voice support afterwards; these are all the users who reached out to CARS24 on chat and finally bought a car from CARS24.

Further, adoption of the conversational commerce model has made a positive impact on consumers and significantly reduced their wait time to get queries resolved, enabling them to purchase their favourite pre-owned car with ease 24X7. The company is also introducing new automations to automate at least 80% of its customer support (post booking & sales) using conversational commerce technologies.

“As a born digital company that keeps customer centricity at its core, CARS24 believes in harnessing the power of technology to provide consumers with the best car buying experience. In this journey, conversational commerce enables us to make the entire journey of buying a car truly online, seamless and simplified. The vision we’ve unveiled today will allow people to enjoy the experience of buying their next car completely online”, said Sudhir Shukla, Chief Marketing Officer (India), CARS24.

Conversational commerce has already proved to be better at converting carts to sales in the e-commerce sector and now it has made an impact in the used car industry by further easing the online car buying experience.

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