Cornitos Prioritizes Employee Satisfaction

Cornitos, a leading snack brand, has undertaken several employee benefit initiatives by introducing various programs and policies to support the well-being and growth of its employees.

Employee benefit initiatives introduced by Cornitos include Online yoga session on weekends, and weekly counselling services. The company has implemented flexible employee leave policies to help employees manage their personal and professional lives.

Other benefits provided by Cornitos include Team Outings, Online Courses for Employee Upskilling and Corporate Health Insurance, helping in motivating employees.

Company organizes friendly cricket tournament, to bring together their employees from different states of India. This Initiative was taken to build strong relationships within the organization and create opportunities for the employees to interact and showcase their skills, teamwork and sportsman spirit.

The brand has created congenial work culture to improve employee morale, retention, and productivity. Company aims to attract and retain talented individuals seeking a work-life balance and a positive work culture.

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