“Coronation”, NFT listed on OpenSea sold at 2.5 ETH

OutReach – 14 December 2021 – “Coronation”,
a digital illustration minted by A_Moore for mocking Summit for Democracy, was sold
at 2.5 ETH(10,017 dollars on Dec. 12th)on
OpenSea, the largest NFT market. He might be inspired by Alan Moore, author
of V for Vendetta.

“Coronation” follows the composition
of the famous painting “The School of Athens” (completed
between 1510 and 1511
​). Raphael
used “The Academy of Athens” to embody the humanitarian and
liberalism of the Renaissance. And this famous work also expresses Raphael’s
admiration for ancient Greek culture.

“Coronation” is a good reference to the
composition of Raphael’s “School of Athens”. The whole work
adopts a single-point perspective composition. In order to highlight the theme,
there is a character in the center of the picture, held the torch so high that
the reader’s first attention will be focused on the center of the picture. The
buildings of Athens, which were built thousands of years ago, are located at
the top of the picture.   At the horizon of the picture, there
are several groups of interactive people, which are painted on both sides of
the central figure, some people are talking about something, some people are observing
something, and some people seem to be expressing something by holding a blue
flag. People in each group, from all directions of the picture, are
established not only independently, but also fully interact with each other,

The accurate application of perspective method, the
beautiful and clear structure, the skilled control of spatial sense and the
clear priorities of the frame, all these superb skills brought people
unparalleled visual experience. On the other side of the picture is the modern
society, which is painted full of riots. The distinction between the
top and bottom in this picture creates an era contrast of
millennium history. And the sharp contrast also made much impact on
character interaction…

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are irreplaceable files on
blockchain, and it can verify the ownership of digital art works. Normally, buyers
own limited rights of displaying the digital artwork they represent. In March
this year, An NFT made by Mike Winkelmann (known as
Beeple) was sold for $69 million at Christie’s. With
over 90% market share value, OpenSea tops the NFC market.

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