Cosmos-Maya’s WowKidz Is Unstoppable And Continues To Create New Benchmarks

35 channels, 77 Million Subscribers & 40 Billion Views having 20 Million Daily Views on YouTube Worldwide

Vir: The Robot Boy has been the most successful IP on digital with 20 Billion views on YouTube, an action show with a story revolving around a humanoid robot. In 2020, India’s animation and VFX industry was valued at around 53 billion Indian rupees and by 2023, it is estimated to grow up to 129 billion rupees. This staggering growth is being propelled by a vibrant young population, wide scale availability of internet connections and a thirst for newer entertainment avenues with linguistic diversity. Leveraging this conducive environment, in 2015, India and Singapore-based animated content behemoth, Cosmos-Maya, launched WowKidz – A leading multi-channel network for kids’ animation on YouTube, that now has over 77 million subscribers across its 35 channels in over 18 languages.

Having started with just a handful of original IPs, WowKidz now boasts of homegrown and international titles that span across the genres of comedy, edutainment, nursery rhymes and action. The exponential growth is visible through its several sub-brands such as WowKidz Action, WowKidz Comedy, WowKidz Indonesia, Wow Cartoons and multiple regional channels. Keeping in line with their plans for further domestic growth with linguistic variety, WowKidz launched 10 regional channels in 2019 with a focused approach for the audience in their native language.

Today, WowKidz is a market frontrunner and responsible for shaping industry trends. In 2019, the channel achieved one its most significant feats of having crossed the 10,000,000 subscribers mark and for this, WowKidz was a recipient of the coveted Diamond Button on YouTube. Furthermore, WowKidz’s multi-channel network has a total of 38 YouTube Creator Awards to its name – 25 Silver, 11 Gold and 2 Diamond buttons.

Over the years, the channel has curated a mix of quality animation content and created a unique blend of shows that effectively straddle the worlds of Indian and international animation entertainment. This is reflected in its impressive content catalogue that has shows such as Hotwheels, Bablu Dablu (Boonie Bears), Simba, Jungle Book Kukuli etc. Each and every one of these shows has been in high demand and appreciated by young audiences across geographies.

Commenting on the channel’s impressive growth story and future plans, Anish Mehta, CEO of WowKidz’s parent company Cosmos-Maya said, “The animation sector in India was always poised for growth, considering the vast young population in the country. However, during the pandemic, animated content started gaining a wider appeal and even adults began to enjoy it. Animated content, thus, cannot only be limited to children, it has to work towards further expanding its orbit and attracting young adult audiences across countries. This is why WowKidz continues to explore multiple international partnerships with leading brands across the globe and in India. We will continue to create a wide range of shows that cut across the barriers of geography and language and bring together a global animation entertainment community.”

Backed by the business acumen of its parent organization Cosmos-Maya, WowKidz continues to make further inroads into the EdTech sector – an industry that is expected to be valued at a whopping four billion U.S. dollars by 2025 in the country. This is why in April last year, WowKidz partnered with educational publisher Twinkl, to create a range of educational materials and resources based on Vir: The Robot Boy. The new jointly-created teaching resources aim to inspire children and engage them in learning by featuring one of India’s favorite cartoon robots, Vir: The Robot Boy.

Mr. Mehta further concludes, “WowKidz has witnessed a meteoric growth in revenue potential across more than 240 countries around the world and we have increased the number of our acquisitions and partnerships, and gross and repeat viewership. Thus, we are laser-focused on maintaining this momentum and our aim is to continue to have a finger on the pulse of the global and domestic markets, and create quality content for our audiences.”



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