Country needs increased production of Biofuels

Ethanol is a renewable fuel made from molasses, corn, rice, and other agriculture-based feedstocks which can be blended and used in conventional petrol. The country has done well in Ethanol blending in the petrol scheme, which has reduced substantial carbon emissions, which has also helped in reduction of carbon footprints as well as emission of greenhouse gases and saved more than INR 40,000 crores of forex reserve for the country. Usage of Ethanol blended petrol has many environment friendly benefits. Similarly, Biodiesel is an alternative for conventional diesel derived from waste fats and oils and OMCs have floated tenders to blend biodiesel in the diesel.

Vasanth JB, energy sector analyst said that the country needs more biodiesel and ethanol which are sustainable green fuels and can be directly used as an alternative for the conventional diesel and petrol.

All over the world, the sources of traditional energy and fossil fuels are slowly moving towards extinction, so renewable forms of energy are emerging as suitable alternatives. Vasanth JB added that it is very important to bring Ethanol as well as Biodiesel in more circulation to save the environment and to reduce the carbon footprint.

Oil and coal are being heavily used in the energy sector since the Industrial Revolution. The problem is that these fuels are limited and are being depleted at a rapid rate. Adding to this, these fuels derived from fossil fuels tend to contribute to greenhouse gases, which can have detrimental effects on the environment.  Bio-Diesel is an important alternative green energy fuel, because it does not take thousands of years to manufacture but can be produced on a human-controlled scale. Biodiesel can be manufactured from a wide range of organic waste fats and oils, and it is a cost-effective alternative for conventional diesel derived from petroleum. India has launched the ethanol blending program as well as biodiesel blending program which is a great step towards a greener future. Challenge in front of is now, is to scale up the production of biofuels.

Vasanth also commented that India’s Ethanol production, as well as blending ratio in petrol, have increased significantly over the years, and this is a boost to the Indian sugar industry as well as the agricultural sector. Sugar industry is benefited because a significant number of Ethanol manufacturers in India use Molasses as the primary feedstock. Increase in production and blending of Ethanol as well as Biodiesel can reduce the country’s dependency on imported crude oil.

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