CSG Inspires Social Impact Through Partnership with We Make Change

DENVER, US – News Direct – 11 March 2022 – CSG®‘s (NASDAQ: CSGS) purpose is to envision, invent and shape a better, more future-ready world. Through community partnerships, the company is giving back and channeling the power of all to make a difference in the communities CSG serve around the world. Today, CSG joined forces with
We Make Change, a global volunteering platform that connects skilled volunteers with social enterprises, to host a series of Change Days that allow CSG employees to share their knowledge and skills with social enterprises to help drive social change. Over two Change Day, CSGers dedicated more than 150 hours to support nine social enterprises committed to reducing inequalities and increasing digital inclusion. Most participants signed up to continue their volunteer service with their dedicated social enterprise. In 2022, CSG aspires to reach 40,000 hours of employee volunteer time.

“As a global technology leader, CSG aims to dream bigger, where we create a more connected, inclusive and future-ready world that delivers greater impact for our colleagues, customers, and communities,” said Channing Jones, chief diversity and social responsibility officer, CSG. “By volunteering with organizations like We Make Change, our employees gain a better understanding of critical issues facing our communities while leveraging their experience to drive more meaningful impact. Adding social enterprises to our social impact program empowers us to not only serve with our time and intellectual capital but measure the positive impact CSG is making in communities across the globe. We are proud to think globally and act locally with partners like We Make Change that helps us accelerate real-world progress towards solving some of the most vital issues facing our world today.”

The two CSG Change Days supported a total of nine social enterprises, including:

  • Empowr: Teaches black youth students about software development foundations, how to build simple apps, and critical leadership techniques to showcase how their skills can impact the world and help increase the number of black-owned businesses.
  • Leiho: Connects essential goods to vulnerable communities that are living without them – from socks that help the homeless stay warm to groceries that feed children in need.
  • LocalPurse: Local Purse connects travelers with experienced local guides and artisans globally through virtual cultural and shopping experiences, having a minimal carbon footprint, and providing a sustainable way of supporting the travel industry.
  • ZigWay: Gives low-income families and disadvantaged populations access to the everyday goods and services they need to break free from poverty.

“This Change Day was a game-changing opportunity for Leiho to reignite our confidence and motivation towards making a difference where it truly matters,” said Joey Li, co-founder, Leiho. “Connecting with kind-hearted, sharp-minded CSGers helped us to make our brand messaging clear and concise and inject the transparency we desire for our mission. The added value of having access to the rich skills and expertise Leiho needs to implement greater change is critical for our young organization. CSG’s originality and commitment to our success primed our imagination to evolve Leiho for massive social impact and influenced our vision of organic growth.”

“Employees giving just four hours of skilled volunteer time as part of a Change Day can significantly accelerate the positive impact of a social enterprise,” said James Sancto, co-founder and CEO, We Make Change. “For the social enterprise, they gain access to a vast pool of knowledge and expertise that can help advance their cause and deliver faster results to groups in need. For conscientious companies like CSG, it’s a chance to do more for the world and give their employees meaningful ways to give back to their communities and connect deeply to social issues where they have the power to affect change.”

The upcoming CSG Change Days will focus on improving gender equality. By year’s end, CSG will have supported dozens of social enterprises from all corners of the world.


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