Customer experience matters? Here are 5 startups enhancing the same through their platform

In today’s day and age, customer experience is a valuable quality a brand can possess and grow on attracting its target customers. It is of utmost importance to a company to ensure a healthy and positive brand image and perception, given the extreme levels of competition in all the sector specific markets. Brands use various tactics to enhance their customer experience like social listening, exclusive services, well-optimized applications and platform and more.

Listed down below are 5 such startups, who are fueling their customer experience through their platform:

ChargeEZ – Offering destination EV charging solutions, ChargeEZ was founded in 2016. The brand’s EZ application is an easy-to-use platform through which EV users can locate charging stations, book their chargers on site, map the charging and parking solutions and also check for the availability of the charger. Making the entire customer experience seamless, ChargeEZ’s application excels in the CX.

Leverage Edu – A tech enabled AI based study abroad platform, Leverage Edu is a full-stack career guidance and university connect platform that matches students with the right courses and job opportunities. The startup is backed by Blume Ventures, DSG, Tomorrow Capital, and Ivy League professors. It avails the services of more than 3,000 global mentors, who help applicants define and refine their career goals. This network has been acquired from the world’s top universities.

HungerBox – HungerBox, founded in 2016 is a B2B food tech start-up whose technology and operations expertise delivers an exceptional F&B experience to the staff at corporates. Using the HungerBox app, employees can view the F&B menu provided by all enlisted food vendors at their workplace cafés, place orders, and track order readiness. HungerBox provides client staff to exceptional convenience by eliminating long waiting times and the inconvenience of queues. The application provides a seamless food experience. Employees can optimize their mealtimes and address the attendant hassles of paying cash since the HungerBox platform offers more than 50 payment options. Admin staff can track budgets, food sales, user satisfaction, and top dishes/sellers. As a value-add, the users also get regular updates on changes to the food menu as per new food trends, festivities, and user preference.

Koo – Launched in 2020 for non-english speakers, Koo is a social networking app for microblogging where users can express their thoughts in their mother tongue. With a fresh interface, Koo allows users to share opinions, view and discuss topics, follow others and customize the app to their mother tongue, making it a culture friendly and a handy platform.

SMOOR – A couverture chocolate brand, SMOOR is providing the customized chocolate option for their customers according to their taste pallet on their website. Due to the customisation option customers can have the seamless and ultimate indulgence experience

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