Cyber Security Awareness Month- Commvault

“India is amongst the top three nations in Asia, basis the number of cyberattack incidents in 2022. Our country has witnessed 18 million cyberattacks in the first quarter of 2022 alone. Cyber-attacks are growing in complexity and intricacy, massively hampering all key industries from healthcare and IT to finance and retail. With each day, attackers are rolling out newer, more lethal strategies to navigate public and private data networks and gain access to mission-critical data.This Cybersecurity Month, we must look back at the major operational shifts that India and the world has been witnessing with the onset of pandemic. Flexible and remote work models have become more prominent than ever. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has also emerged as a gamechanger, highlighting the acute need for enterprises to adopt comprehensive solutions to safeguard data, and also partner with data experts to design a future-ready, cloud data strategy to fight the threats of tomorrow. Cyber deception is one such cutting-edge defence strategy, which puts organisations one step ahead of the attacker, a proactive, early warning system intercepting a threat before their data is compromised. Even the stealthiest zero-day attacks that evade conventional detection technology and circumvent security controls can be exposed with cyber deception, leading to a resilient, secure future for your organisational data.”

Commvault recently launched its one-of-a-kind cyber deception service called Metallic® Threat-Wise™, which detects and contains ransomware threats by employing decoys. It proactively lures bad actors into engaging fake resources, identifies threats in production environments, and provides businesses with tools to protect data. Since the beginning of ransomware, encryption has been at the heart of the extortion process; however, newer extortion techniques which include exfiltration go beyond rapid malware spread, and data recovery alone cannot protect business data that has been leaked to the Dark Web. If an undetected bad actor attacks your systems within a few hours, your systems can suffer catastrophic damage; no matter how essential data recovery is it cannot suffice on its own.

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