Daisy Rockwell to Receive Seventh Vani Foundation Distinguished Translator Award 2022-2023

The 7th Vani Foundation Distinguished Translator Award for the year 2023 will be presented to Daisy Rockwell for her contribution towards making Hindi and Urdu visible on the global literary landscape.
The award ceremony will be held on January 22, 2023 at 5:30 pm at the Jaipur BookMark during the annual Jaipur Literature Festival 2023.
Vani Foundation and Teamwork Arts will present this year’s Vani Foundation Distinguished Translator Award at the prestigious Jaipur BookMark (JBM). The award honours those translators who have consistently and qualitatively facilitated literary and linguistic exchange between at least two Indian or international languages. This award was deemed necessary in order to actively encourage direct exchange between Indian and international languages at a time when such endeavours were few or none. The award especially favours translators who have produced a significant literary corpus. It carries a monetary prize of one lakh Indian rupees or equivalent in addition to the trophy and testimonial letter. The award is in its 7th edition in 2023.The Award’s Journey so far:

Attoor Ravi Verma (2015 -2016): Malayalam
Anamika (2016-2017): Bhojpuri
Rita Kothari (2017- 2018): Sindhi
Teji Grover (2018 -2019): Hindi
Rakhshanda Jalil (2019- 2020): Urdu
Arunava Sinha (2021-2022): Bangla
The first Vani Foundation Distinguished Translator Award for the year 2016 was presented to Malayalam poet Attoor Ravi Verma. In the year 2017, this award was given to the eminent translator, poet, writer and critic Dr. Anamika. In 2018, cultural historian and translator Dr. Rita Kothari was given this prestigious award and in 2019, this award was given to the eminent poet, storyteller, translator and painter Teji Grover. The award in 2020, the Urdu scholar and critic Dr. Rakhshanda Jalil was given the award for her contribution to the world of literary translations. The 2021 award was presented to Arunava Sinha for his translations of Bangla literature into English.

The award has been an integral part of JBM since 2016. JBM’s motto in creating a dedicated space for translations with a select list of works every year, makes the it a perfect platform for the prestigious award. The jury for the award comprises Namita Gokhale- Founder and Co-Director of Jaipur Literature Festival, Neeta Gupta- Director of Jaipur BookMark and Sundeep Bhutoria, Chairman of Prabha Kahitan Foundation, author and cultural critic.

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