Delhi-Based Ngo Concludes Final Drive of Winter Relief Project

~ Delhi-based NGO pranav

Wishes and Blessings concludes its yearly Winter Drives ~

~ Phase IX of the Winter Drives began from 11th January 2023 and officially ended on 30th January 2023~

~ Under Phase IX, the NGO has distributed winter relief to the homeless and needy across Delhi NCR, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal ~

13th February, 2023: The annual Winter Relief Drive of Wishes and Blessings, a Delhi-based NGO, has officially come to a close on 30th January 2023. The NGO launched Phase IX of the Winter Drives on 11th January 2023. This year, the NGO conducted 6 Mega Drives over the course of 6 Weeks and has managed to reach out to 500 beneficiaries in each drive. Over 3000 beneficiaries across communities at bastis and slum areas in Delhi NCR, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal have been impacted through the Winter Relief Project. Beneficiaries include members of various demographic groups from both the urban and rural poor of the aforementioned cities. Winter food, jackets, caps, socks, shawls, mufflers, blankets, and hats are among the supplies that are given out. Prioritization was provided to those in need and due diligence was carried out before each drive to prevent any reselling of the donated goods, as the team made sure.

Extremely low temperatures commonly impact India’s Northern regions, where they frequently result in numerous cardiovascular diseases and hypothermia. The extreme cold weather has taken a toll on homeless people. Amid their challenges, the possibility of people freezing to death is high. According to a study that appeared in the Lancet Planetary Health Journal 2021, nearly 655,400 yearly deaths in India can be attributed to abnormally cold temperatures.

Commenting on the occasion, Founder and President of Wishes and Blessings Dr. Chopra commented, “The winters have been harsh rendering the lives of the lesser fortunate even worse. The nights got chillier as the winter season progressed, one can only imagine retiring for the night cold and hungry without any means of respite. My heart is full when I say this that, through the Winter Relief Project, we have done our utmost to provide warmth and relief to the weaker section of our society. Heartful thanks to our donors, supporters, team members, volunteers and all those involved for making this Winter Relief Drive a successful one.”

Muskaan, one of the beneficiaries, a resident of New Delhi said, “Winters are one of the most dreadful seasons of the year as we cannot afford to keep ourselves warm. I am so grateful that Wishes and Blessings has come to our aid and provided us with blankets and warm clothes. May God bless them all.”

Priya, one of the beneficiaries from Jharkhand said, “Despite our cold and tiring day out at work, I am so grateful that now I can come home to these warm blankets and clothes to keep me warm and cope through the harsh winter season. The nights are much more bearable now.”

The NGO has been distributing winter assistance to the underprivileged since the past 8 years. Phase I of the Winter Drives began in December 2014, and since then the NGO has carried on the tradition of providing winter aid as part of their annual Winter Relief Project with an effort to provide the poor and needy some warmth and relief from the piercing cold winter. So far, through this project the organisation has managed to provide warmth to over 25,000 homeless and underprivileged people in the last 8 years.

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