In 2023, Digitization is proving to be a key factor to creating a holistic Customer experience (CX). The customer is at the core of every business. Now, with CX being delivered online through multiple digital channels such as email, website, and social media it has become easier for businesses to reach their target audience and build an emotional connect. Geographical boundaries are eliminated via online channels, and digitization enables businesses to reach a larger customer base. This customer base can be developed and strengthened using CX.

CX also directly affects sales; studies show that 84% of businesses who constantly try to improve customer experiences reported an increase in revenue. It is important for brands today to have multiple touch points with a customer before acquiring them. For instance, if a customer sees an email, WhatsApp, Google Ad, and reel, they will visit the brand’s business page or website. Digitization is also essential in observing, understanding, and analysing customer activity which transforms into customer intelligence. Customer Intelligence can be utilised to improve product offerings, forecast demand, or improve inventories. Businesses can better price and stock their products to increase online business revenue by using data to identify bestsellers, where their customers are from, what time they shop, or how much they spend.

But where do traditional businesses, successful in creating strong CX face-to-face, fit into the digital landscape? How do they bring this online? The very first step is being present online. Businesses can do this through a website, presence on an aggregator platform, utilizing social media or simply through messaging channels. After creating an online presence, businesses should share relevant information and content about their industry, brand, products, or services. Businesses can publish blogs, conduct contests/challenges, interact with consumers through targeted emails and SMS, consistently communicate through photo posts and short videos/reels to engage their audience.

Another effective method is to work with micro-influencers. These are influencers in their own niche who have a strong connection with their followers and can play an essential role in reaching out to a large consumer market. When it comes to delivery, giving regular updates and sharing tracking ID right from the time of order to the time of delivery will make the experience smooth and increase trust factor.

Discovery – Engagement – Delivery, the customer journey, which establishes the customer experience, begins when a customer first lands on your website or your business page on social media platforms. It continues with the interaction the brand creates to keep the customer engaged to take the Call-to-action which means making a purchase. Finally, it ends with the delivery of the product or service. Not only will a positive CX increase brand loyalty and customer retention, but it will also turn customers into brand advocates. Since most customers make their purchasing decisions on the interactions with a brand rather than on product features and functions, customer experience has emerged as a differentiator. Businesses need to begin putting more effort into developing CX strategies that can provide distinctive and interesting experiences at every touchpoint. Because CX defines the customer’s interaction with a brands products and services as well as their perception of the brand, their feeling towards the brand and finally their relationships with brand. Through word of mouth, recommendations, reviews and by sharing your products online your customers can help you become a reliable brand. No matter your businesses size or stage, CX can help you not only compete with leading brands but also establish your business as one of them.

(This article has been written by SMBXL, a technology company which is focused on providing innovative digital solutions to Indian businesses. Their endeavour is to educate and help automate businesses to function in the dynamic business world. The goal is to connect businesses to create a self-sustainable ecosystem. )

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