Demon Ecosystem To Be Launched In December

TOKYO, JAPAN – Media OutReach – 17 December 2021 -DeCo Finance,
which is a decentralized blockchain ecosystem built on the Binance Smart Chain,
will officially be launched in December 2021. DeCo’s protocol features a simple
user interface built on top of a sophisticated engine that supports pooling
with reduced impermanent loss. DeCo has already introduced 2 tokens circulating
in the entire ecosystem, DEMON and DEMONX.

Observing the growing
market requirements of the industry, DeCo Finance was established by gathering
some of the leading DeFi protocols across the globe to advance the
collaboration of DeFi protocols across yield farming, NFT and Gamification.
DeCo, an abbreviation of Demon Ecosystem, was derived from today’s
technologically-advanced community, in which mining techniques are always
improving up to a point where there occurs a crossover between traditional
Proof of Work mining and modern Proof of Stake mining. DeCo Finance creates
this crossover between traditional mining equipped with contract mining for
blockchain & crypto community to engage/access into the world of modern
mining ecosystem.

DEMON presale was
launched on November 26, 2021. Early adopters will need to purchase DEMON with
USDT or BUSD and stake in liquidity pools after the launching of DeCo Finance
vault. The 1st adopter will get 2,000,000,000 DEMON at the rate of $0.00678 on
an ongoing basis, the 2nd adopter will get 2,000,000,000 DEMON at the rate of $0.00848,
the 3rd adopter will get 2,000,000,000 DEMON at the rate of $0.01017
and so on.

The official launching
of DeCo Finance Vault is on December 24, 2021 UTC 1600. PancakeSwap listing
will be at $0.01349. DeCo will be introducing Single Pools, Stake DEMON, Earn
DEMON, Stake BNB, Earn DEMO, LP Pools, Stake DEMON-BNB LP.

The cost of producing
and maintaining DeFi tokens is incurred by the protocol and miners,
shareholders, and bond holders. The majority of the value comes from the
transaction of tokens within DeFi primitives and is captured by these DeFi
primitives. Demon Ecosystem solves this problem by integrating the creation and
the use of token into decentralized ecosystem. Demon will also integrate with
GameFi Metaverse named DemonX which jointly build up the application of
gamification and DeFi together in ecosystem. This relationship will create a
positive feedback loop and generate a flywheel effect.

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