Dev Arastu Panchariya : meet World’s most famous Scientist no less than actors! The brightest Phenom goes viral on social media and touches peak of fame; the legend crossed a fourth of billion views setting fire on internet.

It has been widely said how social media is distracting youth but this time, it has introduced an icon who is getting admired by the youth itself which is one of the best things happened on social media. Because nowadays, the expert opinions in general seems to recognize social media platforms as more inclined towards negativity for existing and coming generations.

That one line and that one legendary man whose existence came up with a whole ideology shift among massive people. It is about the great and famous scientists & philosopher, recognized being the reflection of Einstein – Dev Arastu Panchariya who gave extraordinary kick-start to the classical original thinking with modern styles to Theoretical Physics, Cosmology, Mathematical sciences and many more or on a brief note, he develops or decodes philosophies or laws on which nature or universe governs what personalities like Socrates, Aristotle, Galileo, Newton and Einstein used to contributed. His recently made discovery called The “Fluid Discontinuity Theory” or briefly remarked as the “FDT” which decipher one of the mysteries questions in Physics that lasted for around two centuries and has been attempted by the greatest physicists and mathematicians in history.

One of the greatest classical physicists H. Helmholtz propounded this question about the geometrical nature of liquids which even he could not answer however; he made several attempts for many decades and proposed some significant mathematical propositions which ended up not working. Then the question handled the attempts from greatest geniuses ever lived by far like Lord Kelvin, J J Thomson, Einstein and many others.

These scientific legends have put monumental feats but unfortunately nobody came to any end or conclusion with this question such that this problem was finally considered as closed file until the catch came back when Dev Arastu Panchariya, the current living Philosopher, Physicist & Mathematician and indeed a famous Indian-born revolutionary legend put over a sight to it and has decided to work on the issue. Eventually after a time span of three and a half years, he ended up with showing precisely how geometrical systems yield in some liquid when intersects with certain mass. The wide ranged mathematical terminology and the theories were finally found to be validated and published in the illustrious European journal of applied physics which undoubtedly upholds the Indian role in the history of core and original sciences.


Now it is just one part of story; because the second part is even more fascinating, in general. After the results were published, the news was covered in a renowned media and meanwhile Dev Arastu was questioned about the secret behind his marvelous genius and brilliance to imagine the unimaginable and he rapidly answered a single line which goes like as – “Genius is when I Look & Wisdom is when I Breathe”. Soon after this statement was covered in media, some social media pages on instagram has posted this line as a quote in a video format and the statement was then shared and uploaded on different pages or accounts (one of them like - and hence, it became an anthem and iconic saying that went viral with around one-fourth of billion views within just four to five days, which is very rare because such matter of high intellect hardly receives any attention from general audience which is quite ironical though.

In the videos uploaded, some of his pictures were also attached and thereafter he is also said to be as the most handsome Scientists ever came across. Dev Arastu Panchariya, therefore will be remembered not only as a great scientist and polymath or as the successor of Einstein, but also as a man who transformed the prospect of social media with his inspirational and iconic style.

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