Devyani Food Industries Ltd Unveils Digital Video Commercials for INFINO, Its Newly Launched Premium Ice Cream Brand

~ The film was creatively conceptualised and executed by Team Liqvd Asia ~

India, January 31, 2024: Devyani Food Industries Ltd (DFIL), a part of the RJ Corp group, has introduced INFINO, a premium ice cream brand, exclusively in five key markets: Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. As part of this launch, DFIL has revealed two captivating Digital Video Commercials (DVC), which effectively encapsulates INFINO’s identity as a premium ice cream brand, meticulously prepared to satisfy a diverse range of taste preferences.

The DVC’s unfolds the narrative of a premium ice cream, crafted with real chocolate, enhancing the consumer’s experience to extraordinary levels. It underscores that relishing this exquisite indulgence will evoke a heightened sensation of pleasure.

Team Liqvd Asia, renowned for its innovative approach to marketing and storytelling, has conceptualised the DVC’s, ensuring that every frame resonates with the unique selling proposition of INFINO. The creative team behind this visual spectacle includes Director and Director of Photography – Jay Bhansali and conceptualised by Team Liqvd Asia. Their collaborative efforts have resulted in two DVC’s that are not only visually compelling but also align seamlessly with the premium positioning of the INFINO brand.

Commenting on the DVC launch, Mr. Sudhir Chavan – CEO, DFIL remarked, “Brand INFINO is an embodiment of elegance and exquisite taste. With the brand’s launch, our aim was to redefine the ice cream landscape, offering a sensory journey that transcends consumer expectations. With our brand films the objective was clear – we need to depict the essence of indulgence, decadence and sophistication, thereby showing the world our brand’s unique offering and superior quality. We believe this launch will not only redefine ice cream experience for consumers but also set new standards for premium offering in the Indian market. Selecting digital launch for both our “brand films” was a strategic decision rooted in the dynamic landscape of consumer engagement. In a world where digital platforms are omnipresent, we aimed for a wide impact with our target audience across platforms and markets. The films that we have released embodies our brand ethos and communicates how the brand and products are perceived.”

Sunil Gangras, Head of Creative Services, Liqvd Asia added, “When we were thinking about manifesting the magic of INFINO in the creative expression, we wanted to disrupt the premium segment with a product that not only smacks of elitism but also is dazzlingly different in every aspect of design, and we wanted to dial up indulgence in every frame and every conversation. Our single-minded proposition was to establish INFINO as an ‘Out of this world’ brand and hence, we gave it a creative spin by creating its own universe of delight and decadence. This was achieved through a narrative that landed right on the discerning taste buds. Our creative strategy was crafted in a way that makes INFINO drool-worthy and desirable enough to drive trials for this premium ice-cream brand and make a dent in the universe.”

The DVC’s follow the successful launch of INFINO in major cities, and with Liqvd Asia at the creative helm, DFIL aims to strengthen the brand’s positioning in the premium ice cream segment. The film is poised to enhance consumer awareness and reinforce INFINO’s commitment to delivering an unparalleled ice cream experience.

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