Dhaka Hosts 8th International Conference & Live Surgery on Sleep Apnea: A Milestone in Advancing Quality Sleep, Sound Mind, and a Healthy World

Father of Sleep Surgery in India Dr. Vikas Agrawal explained about the Mechanism of Palatal Collapse in Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and Tongue Base surgery

The Association of Surgeons for Sleep Apnea Bangladesh (ASSAB) organized the 8th International Conference & Live Surgery on Sleep Apnea, under the theme “QUALITY SLEEP, SOUND MIND, and HEALTHY WORLD,’. This groundbreaking event brought together renowned experts and global leaders in the field of sleep medicine and surgery.

The highlight of the conference was the presence of the “Father of Sleep Surgery in India,” Dr. Vikas Agarwal, whose expertise illuminated the Mechanism of Palatal Collapse in Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and the innovative technique of suspension bridge palatoplasty. Dr. Agarwal’s sessions also delved into Tongue Base surgery and glotto epiglottopexy, providing invaluable insights into ensuring the safety of these procedures. Dr. Vikas, during his presentation, stated, “Quality sleep is fundamental to a sound mind and a healthy world. Understanding the intricacies of sleep apnea and its surgical solutions is vital in improving the lives of those affected by this condition. Our goal is not only to provide relief but to contribute to a brighter and healthier future for all.”

The event was organised by Dr. Khurshid Majumdar and it welcomed esteemed international faculty members, including Dr. Srinivas Kishore Sistla from Hyderabad, India; Dr. Dipankar Dutta from Calcutta; Professor MA Matin from Ireland; and Dr. Yogesh Neupane from Nepal. Their diverse expertise and experiences enriched the conference, fostering cross-cultural knowledge exchange and collaboration.

This conference underscored the urgent need to address sleep apnea, a global health concern that affects millions worldwide. Sleep disorders not only impact individual well-being but also have profound societal and economic implications. The conference aimed to share the insights and development in the advancing sleep medicine and surgery as a significant step towards achieving a world where quality sleep is accessible to all, promoting sound minds and contributing to healthier population.

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