Diabexy will mark World Diabetes Day with a series of seminars in November

The seminars will fully embody the theme for World Diabetes Day 2022, ‘Education to Protect Tomorrow’

New Delhi, November 4th, 2022: World Diabetes Day 2022 is coming up in just a few days—November 14, 2022, to be exact! With the help of knowledge and discipline, Diabexy, a diabetic food product brand which is also one of the largest low-glycemic food producers in India, is on a mission to eradicate diabetes from India like polio from the country. Diabexy is hosting a series of free educational seminars on Zoom every Saturday in November to raise awareness of various aspects of diabetes.

The seminars will fully embody the theme for World Diabetes Day 2022, ‘Education to Protect Tomorrow’, since early awareness can play a huge role in managing and controlling the condition. The seminars will cover different topics such as: how to start the diabetes reversal process at home, quickly and easily; what to do if blood sugar is not coming down on a low GL diet; how to manage complications of diabetes related to the kidney, heart, liver, stomach, etc.; how to know if my diabetes is reversed or not?

“In India, which is known as the “diabetes capital of the world”, there are currently 72.96 million diabetics in the country, and by 2030, that number is projected to reach 100 million. The first step in controlling and preventing diabetes is understanding it. We have arranged seminars every Saturday between 4 PM and 5 PM in November in response to these worrying figures and as Diabexy is working to eradicate diabetes from India with the aid of education and discipline. The subjects are intended to broaden access to diabetes education in order to better the lives of those with the disease and eradicate it. By only enrolling on our website, anyone can participate in this workshop. “said Mr. Lokendra Tomar, Diet Educator & Founder of Diabexy.

In order to reverse the condition, Mr. Lokendra Tomar founded Diabexy in 2020. The company manufactures low glycemic load food products like Atta, Cookies, Sweets, etc. for diabetic people to manage their blood sugar levels. Diabexy also runs a very low-cost diabetes reversal clinic, REVERTIZ, where a team of medical doctors, dieticians, and fitness trainers help diabetics manage or reverse diabetes.

Furthermore, Diabexy’s short certification courses help train healthcare professionals so that they can improve their skills and help their clients manage diabetes with the help of the right eating habits. In a nutshell, Diabexy is all about diabetic-friendly, tasty food products coupled with diet plans, tools, and consultation sessions to help reverse diabetes.

Today, Diabexy, with a growing team of over 35 members, has created a strong foothold as the largest low glycemic food producer in the segment in India and has also made international footprints. Diabexy has more than 3.8 lacs subscribers on Youtube.

The company is selling their food products and supplements online on various marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, and their own website. Today, it is the largest manufacturer of low carb food products in India and exports its products worldwide.

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