Diagnostic Services at Your Doorstep by Star Home Care

Star Home Care is redefining healthcare in Delhi-NCR by bringing X-Ray, ECG,  NCV, Holter, Sleep Study, and other critical health diagnostic services to the patient’s home.

Delhi-NCR, India: After the pandemic, general health concerns are at the peak, considering the burnt suffered by the healthcare industry during COVID. So, as the world is still recovering and trying to get back to normality with the virus still active in many places, the need for diagnostic care at home is picking up at a rapid pace. Bridging the gap with their revolutionary healthcare services Star Home Care has made a name by delivering NCV, Holter, Sleep Study, and similar vital health diagnostic services to the doorstep.

It has always been challenging for bedridden patients to complete a medical assessment or provide critical patient care at home. The dynamics have changed a lot in today’s time, and there has been no shortage of home-delivered diagnostic services. Star Home Care takes it to another level by introducing by blending its empathy and wisdom within its services.

Star Home Care branched out of a 44-year-old lab named Star Imaging and Path Lab Pvt Ltd. The reason for this extension was to organise a separate care unit for reaching out to patients in the confinement of a home. It is a Delhi-NCR-based diagnostic care facility, with a team of highly-skilled and experienced doctors, nurses, and other medical associates dedicated to providing health checkups and diagnostic tests at the convenience of home.

Time is quite precious and even more essential in the medical field, especially in a critical care unit. As there can be no specific time for a crisis to occur, even in a safe home environment, Star Home Care pays immense attention to the flexibility of its services, allowing patients access to critical healthcare services whenever necessary.

As mentioned before, elderly and bedridden patients are more susceptible to a lack of medical assistance due to apparent immobility. As they cannot travel to their nearest diagnostic centres, Star Home Care takes its services to the home of such patients offering accurate check-up facilities along with confidential reports.

Among the several medical aids offered by Star Home Care, Digital X-Ray at Home & ECG at Home, Holter, NCV, EEG and sleep study, Pulmonary function tests, Uroflowmetry services, and special health packages are a few examples to count. Not just the tests, they also deliver the reports back to their patients’ homes or through an online means like many of its peers are doing.

There is no denying that “prevention is better than a cure”, and early detection of a disease can have tumultuous benefits in the recovery. Star Home Care uses cutting-edge medical technology coupled with a blend of sound imaging services to deliver credible reports that patients can trust, and their doctors can use in the diagnosis.

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