Dine in the Shadows of Platform 65’s Halloween Delights

Hyderabad, October 31, 2023: Platform 65, India’s largest toy train-themed restaurant, is thrilled to announce a spine-chilling Halloween week filled with a spooky Halloween atmosphere, creepy decorations, and special music. Starting from October 30th to November 05th, 2023, this one-week-long celebration promises to be a ghoulishly good time.

To make this Halloween week more memorable, Platform 65 is all geared up to create a range of deliciously frightful specials that will create excitement and tantalize the guests’ taste buds. A lavish feast and some spooky surprises await patrons this week at Platform 65. However, the excitement doesn’t stop there; the thrills continue with a haunted house in the ghostly festivities, a delight for the children visiting the restaurant and thoroughly experiencing the offerings.

On this special occasion, Mr. Sadgun Patha, Managing Director of Platform 65, expressed his enthusiasm about the all-exciting Halloween initiative: “Halloween is a time for magic and fun, and at Platform 65, we wanted to create an experience that combines delicious food with the spirit of the season. Our team has worked tirelessly to craft these special menu items and the ambience, and we can’t wait to share it with our guests. It’s a time to indulge in the thrills of the season and create lasting memories.”

Venkatesh Gopi Setty, Vice President, of Platform 65 said, “This Halloween, we aim to immerse our guests in a world of spooky delight. Platform 65 is set to become the hottest spot for Halloween enthusiasts, where our special offerings and eerie ambience will provide a unique experience that captures the very essence of the occasion. From the moment guests step through our doors, they will be transported to a realm of thrills and chills, with our thoughtfully crafted menu items and haunting decor ensuring an unforgettable experience that truly embodies the spirit of Halloween.”

The Halloween week celebration isn’t just about the food; it’s an experience to remember. The restaurant will be decked out in mysterious decor, and the staff will be in costume to add to the festive ambience. Guests are encouraged to dress up as well to be a part of the Halloween festival.

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